(Clearwisdom.net) At around 7:00 a.m. on September 14, 2011, practitioner C was arrested at home by four to five police officers and taken to the station, and then around 4:00 p.m. was taken to the jail.

Practitioner C’s wife, who is a non-practitioner, tried to get help by hiring attorneys, borrowing money, and asking friends to help get her husband back. Practitioner C’s parents, brother, and sister were all practitioners. They stopped his wife when they learned what she was trying to do, and told her that the affairs of practitioners cannot be resolved with ordinary people’s methods. Other local practitioners began to intensively send forth righteous thoughts to help practitioner C escape.

On September 15, practitioner C’s family, relatives, and local practitioners all got together and discussed ways to rescue him. Some practitioners rode their bicycles for dozens of miles from the suburbs to attend the meeting. They all felt that the persecution was against all practitioners as a whole, and was by no means against practitioner C alone. With this understanding, they decided to go to the police station the next day to clarify the facts and ask for the release of practitioner C.

It was unusually cold on September 16. The practitioners went to the police station at 8:00 a.m. Some sat quietly on the icy cold stone stairways and sent forth righteous thoughts. Some walked the streets nearby and sent forth righteous thoughts, and supported practitioner C’s family members, who went to the police station to talk to the police.

Practitioner C’s wife, mother, sister, and brother in law went directly to the chief of the station. The chief was upset, banging the table and yelling at them. He pushed them outward and said, “Arresting and releasing people is my authority. It is none of your business.” Practitioner C’s mother said calmly, “I know only you can authorize the release of my son. You also have your parents and kids. You should act nicely so you and your family will all be well rewarded by heaven.”

At this time a practitioner arrived at the office, claiming to be looking for the chief for some business, and joined the talk. Upon seeing practitioner C’s mother, he said, “Hi Auntie, why are you here?” Practitioner C’s mother said, “They arrested my son. I came here to ask them to release him.” “What did your son do?” “He cultivates in Falun Gong. That’s all.” The practitioner said, “All Falun Gong practitioners are nice people. It's going be alright. Don’t worry. The chief will be fair. If they don’t release him, you can appeal. Didn’t they say on TV that law enforcement needs to be fair?” The chief’s hands were trembling under the table at the time.

The chief said that the DVDs and other materials that they seized from practitioner C’s home were all criminal evidence. Practitioner C’s brother-in-law said, “The materials are all for saving people. A rock that was formed 270 million years ago was found in Pintang County, Guizhou Province with Chinese characters “Down with the Chinese Communist Party” formed on it. It is heaven’s will.” The chief remained silent.

Practitioner C’s mother pulled the chief back several times when he tried to run away. “You have to let my son go today. You have to save him.” “I will follow you wherever you go if you don’t release him today,” the elderly lady said.

Surrounded by righteous thoughts, the evil retreated. Thanks to the cooperation both inside and outside the police station, the convincing arguments and everyone’s eagerness to save the person, the police were moved and agreed to resolve the issue. Since the decision for detaining practitioner C was made by the police department, the station chief dispatched a police car to take the family members there. All practitioners went there too to send forth righteous thoughts.

The practitioners continued sending forth righteous thoughts without stopping or taking any breaks. Finally at 5:00 p.m., with cooperation between family members and practitioners, practitioner C was successfully rescued. The police took practitioner C from the jail to the police station.

At 6:00 p.m. on September 16, practitioner C, accompanied by his family, stepped out of the police station. Having been persecuted for three days, holding a hunger strike, and without sleep, practitioner C looked radiant. During the time he was arrested, he had been telling the inmates and the officers the facts about Falun Gong the whole time and sending forth righteous thoughts.

The cooperation efforts of practitioner C’s righteous thoughts and actions, and the strong righteous thoughts of the other practitioners, contributed to the success of this rescue action. The whole rescue effort was led by the practitioners with their divine thoughts. They followed Dafa principles and were supported by Teacher’s benevolence. Just as Teacher said,

“As you realize, with the many projects that Dafa disciples have initiated in order to counteract the persecution, clarify the truth, and save sentient beings, what is most important is that Dafa disciples cooperate together well, and that only when people work together well will things go well.” (in “Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa”)