(Clearwisdom.net) In September 2010, the 610 Office and the Political and Legal Committee of Baoji City leased the third floor of Panjiawan Forest Farm's old office building in the Gaoxin District for three years. Although the sign on the outside says, “Baoji City Legal Education School,” they use the space as a brainwashing center to persecute Falun Gong practitioners in the Baoji District.

According to recent updates, as of August 2011, 30 practitioners in the Baoji District were illegally arrested and persecuted. They include Yao Jiqing from the Chencang District; Feng Fenlan, Du Yujiao, Wang Yingwen, and Duan Minggang from the Weibin District; Xu Chunxia, Wang Jiangmei, and Luo Yanting from the Jintai District; Feng Xinxiang, Tian Zhiyao, and Li Xinqiang from Fufeng County; Xu Mingxia, Cai Honghui, and Bai Maicui from Qishan County; and Fan Weili from Fengxiang County. Among them, Fan Weili has been detained for nearly four months.

During the past year, the Baoji City 610 Office has constantly issued orders to 610 Offices in local counties and districts to arrest practitioners and take them to the above-mentioned brainwashing center. Practitioners were deceived, coerced, put through physical ordeals, and otherwise tortured to try to force them into writing statements promising not to practice Falun Gong. In the center, every practitioner is locked up in individual rooms and persecuted around the clock by two agents sent by the residential committee of their registered household.

Practitioners who are detained at the brainwashing center are abused, forced to stand and/or walk for long periods, and brutally beaten every day. Some are tied to metal chairs with their hands and legs in shackles. They are also deprived of sleep. Others are forbidden from going to the toilet, not given any water on hot days when the temperatures reach over 30 degrees, and fed meager rations.

The head of Panjiawan Brainwashing Center is Fu Jingjun, also deputy head of the Baoji City Political and Legal Committee and head of the 610 Office. The deputy head of the brainwashing center is Gao Zongwen, head of the Chencang District Legal and Political Committee and head of the local 610 Office. Last winter, under orders from Gao, police officers bound elderly female practitioners Ms. Ya Jiqing, Ms. Feng Fenlan, and Ms. Du Yujiao to metal chairs and handcuffed their hands and legs so that they could not move. These practitioners remained in this position day and night and were not allowed to sleep. Ms. Xu Mingxia was put through the same torture and her hands were lacerated. Practitioner Wang Yingwen was also handcuffed to a chair and tormented for many days.

In order to pressure Ms. Pan Weili into renouncing her belief, the guards shouted insults at her every day and struck her at whim. They made her stand and sometimes beat her. She was often thrashed until she could not move.

The guards also placed restrictions on the movements of the detained practitioners at the brainwashing center and forbade them to go to the toilet. Once, Ms. Wang Jiangmei walked to the toilet at the other end of the corridor. Feng Xiyao dashed out from the principal's office, dragged her into the room where she was detained, shut the door, and slapped and beat her. When Ms. Luo Yanting was imprisoned in the brainwashing center, the center received local and overseas calls demanding an end to the persecution. Officers secretly transferred Ms. Luo to the Jintai Detention Center in Baoji City. The 610 Office coerced Ms. Xu Chunxia's workplace to fire her and discontinue her pension. Under the pretext of applying for low income protection for her, the Jintai district 610 Office tricked Ms. Xu into going to the residential committee office, then seized her and took her to the brainwashing center. Every practitioner who was taken to the brainwashing center had thousands of yuan, in some cases tens of thousands of yuan, in cash extorted from them.

Contact information for the perpetrators:
Fu Jinjun, brainwashing center head: +86-917-6733334
Gao Zongwen, deputy head: +86-13992769339