(Clearwisdom.net) The second illegal trial of Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Kong Xianguo was held in Xigang District Court in Dalian city, Liaoning Province, on September 21, 2011, at around 9:50 a.m. About 30 of Mr. Kong's relatives and friends were in attendance. From beginning to end, the trial lasted only about 5 minutes.

Mr. Kong was first tried on August 1, 2011. During the trial, he exposed how he had been tortured when he was interrogated. The presiding judge, Li Tiezheng, asked him about the torture. Mr. Kong said that the police had immobilized him, inserted a lit cigarette into his nose, and poured alcohol down his throat. The judge interrupted him and did not allow him to continue. The prosecutor, Sun Min, asked Mr. Kong, “Where is the evidence of this torture?” When Mr. Kong showed them the scars on his arms, they were speechless. This first trial ended without any conclusion.

It all started when Mr. Kong was secretly arrested by Zhu Xun and other officers from Dalian Public Security Bureau in Liaoning Province in December of 2010. The law requires that the family be notified within 48 hours of the arrest. However, when Mr. Kong's family went to ask where he was, the police made all sorts of excuses to avoid telling them that he had been arrested. Thirty-three days later, Mr. Kong's family was told to come pick up the “notice of arrest.” There were no names of the investigators and the date of arrest was not on the notice, which is in violation of the law. Facing accusations from Mr. Kong's family that the bureau was plotting against Mr. Kong, Dalian Public Security Bureau handed the case over to the Procuratorate, which continued to persecute Mr. Kong.