(Clearwisdom.net) In July 1999, under Jiang's regime, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Falun Gong practitioners who believed in Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. It implemented a genocidal policy aimed "to ruin [Falun Gong practitioners'] reputations, bankrupt [them] financially, and destroy [them] physically" and "beating to death was to be counted as suicide," For the past more than a decade, Henan Women's Forced Labor Camp has been assisting the CCP in detaining and persecuting practitioners.

The practitioners incarcerated in this labor camp are held in the No. 3 Team. Under the orders of the person in charge of the camp Qu Shuangcai and guard Hu Zhaoxia, who is in charge of persecuting practitioners, Ren Yuanfang, team leader Zheng Yufeng, and others have been carrying out systematic persecution. At first, they used those who went down a deviant path to try to “transform” practitioners with their evil theories. They used three to five such people to deal with one practitioner who was newly admitted to the camp. From morning until late at night, they took turns tempting, coercing, and trying to deceive the practitioner. They brainwashed practitioners and used prisoners to brutally attack and torment practitioners. If a practitioner was not very clear on the Fa principles and ended up accepting their theories, they'd lure her into writing a repentance statement. In the letter, one had to defame Teacher and attack Dafa. Then she had to endure more brainwashing, sing evil CCP songs, and praise the CCP. Those who were “transformed” also had to swear two times a week in front of the CCP flag.

If you do not comply with their requirements or don't give up your belief, they'd put you into solitary confinement, where the doors and windows were shut all day long to have you completely cut off from the outside. After that, they'd send a few drug offenders to watch you. From then on, long-term mental and physical torture would commence. They did not provide you with enough food or allow you to sleep. From as early as 6 a.m., you had to sit on a wooden stool till very late at night. Except for eating meals or going to the washroom, you had to stay seated, not talk, and not move around. Collaborators kept brainwashing you with their theories. Guards in charge of brainwashing practitioners ordered collaborators to swear at Teacher and Dafa in front of practitioners. They also forced practitioners to recite the rules of the camp.

For those practitioners who refused and opposed the persecution, the guards put them all on one floor and sent people in to forcibly brainwash them. Guards, collaborators, and drug offenders attacked them around the clock. They were deprived of sleep and only provided minimal food. The guards yelled at, swore at, and beat them. Collaborators spread their evil theories non-stop. They defamed Dafa and Teacher and made practitioners watch videos defaming Dafa. If you closed your eyes, other prisoners would beat you. They threatened one practitioner by saying that they would give her at least a 10-year sentence if she did not give up her belief.

Even though they exhausted all their tactics, they still couldn't achieve their goal. They then had practitioners' family members and relatives come and stay at the camp, using emotions to try to influence practitioners.

List of people in charge at Shibalihe Forced Labor Camp:

Qu Shuangcai, Warden
Jia Meili and Zhang, Deputy Wardens
Ren Yuanfang, Zheng Yufeng, Hu Zhaoxia, Cao Fang, Kang Yuan, Ma Lan, and Wang Nan: Guards from the No.3 Team who are in charge of persecuting Falun Gong
Liu Lina and Zhu Wenli, drug offender prisoners from the No.3 Team
Sun Xiaoling, Wang Yumei, Mei Huijun, Wang Yaqi, Liu Yufeng, Niu Wei, Liu Yanli, Wang Xiaohua, Ma Yanhong, Zhang Ke, other prisoners