(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to share my experience of how I broke through the human notions of so-called "sickness karma" and used the principle of strong righteous thoughts Master gave us to eliminate the old forces' arrangements.

I know a non-practitioner who was hit by a car and diagnosed by doctors to be "at best a vegetable after rescue efforts." The hospital did not want to risk doing the surgery, so they went with conservative treatment. After being in a coma for over 30 days, I told her family to say "Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good" into her ears. That same day, she regained consciousness. After three more weeks, she recovered almost completely.

This was yet another miracle of Dafa. If a non-practitioner can even experience this, then why are some Dafa disciples still struggling with so-called "sickness karma?" Some have even had their human bodies taken away!

My point of view is that the requirements for Dafa disciples are high. And those practitioners who are still struggling with "sickness karma" have not broken through the old forces' arrangements. They did not rectify the loopholes they had that the old forces took advantage of. They also used their human notions.

I once had such an experience. I was clarifying the truth about Dafa and the persecution to a young female colleague. As she was listening to me, she tried to get intimate. On my way home on my motorcycle, I kept thinking about it. All of a sudden, I hit on a brick. My foot started to bleed. My big toe got squeezed and ruptured. I got nervous and went to the hospital to get stitches, but I refused to take any shots or medicine.

It was a hot summer. I was afraid that any sweat would cause inflammation, so I raised my foot and let the fan blow on it. Just like that, I treated it using ordinary methods. At the same time, I was seemingly diligent in studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts. I was confident that I would recover soon. When I went back to the hospital to get the stitches removed several days later, I was very surprised. It was all infected and inflamed. The doctor and nurse came down on me, saying, "If you keep this up, your leg will have to be cut off. It could even put your life in danger!"

After I returned home, I searched within as I studied the Fa everyday. I remembered what Master said,

"If you do not change the human logic that you, as an ordinary human, have formed deep in your bones over thousands of years, you will be unable to break away from this superficial human shell and reach Consummation." ("Cautionary Advice," in Essentials for Further Advancement)

I had still held onto human notions and was afraid of putting my foot down. I kept the gauze on. When I took a shower, I was afraid of letting the water get my injured foot wet. My human notions were that strong.

I continued to search within. I saw that I had had the thought of lust and desire, which was the direct cause. I recalled that, in 2000, I made a huge mistake in lust and desire. This time, I told my fellow practitioners about my mistakes. Gradually my foot recovered. Later I heard that some practitioners were hurt even worse than I was. But they maintained their strong righteous thoughts and still kept on doing what they were supposed to do and recovered quickly. I realized that when facing tribulations, we should use righteous thoughts instead of human notions. The stronger the righteous thoughts, the faster the recovery.

In order to help fellow practitioners who encounter "sickness karma," I put together a set of methods to handle it.

Local Practitioner B did the three things diligently, but one day she suddenly had symptoms of asthma and bronchitis. From studying Master's lectures, we realized that this was illusion. It was testing Dafa disciples' belief. I noticed that, although she said she was "negating the old forces' arrangement," she still had many notions that were acknowledging the persecution. For example, she said things like, "I used to have karma in this area. This is to eliminate the karma." After I pointed that out to her, she immediately realized it and completely negated the old forces' arrangements in every single thought. She recovered quickly.

I thought the methods I put together worked perfectly. But, in fact, they did not. Another local practitioner, C, suffered from sickness karma for a long time. After over a year, the old forces took away her human body. Even while she was suffering, she still kept on clarifying the truth and distributing materials. She held onto her human body with determination. Many practitioners went to study the Fa with her and send forth righteous thoughts for her and help her search within. I also gave her my list of methods, but nothing seemed to be working, until one day a practitioner saw that she was rocking back and forth due to the pain as she listened to Master's lectures. The practitioner pointed it out to her, saying, "How can you listen to Master's lectures that way? Please sit still and do not move around." That day, her symptoms improved. Practitioners saw hope and went to her house to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts every day and asked her to be strict with herself. She got better and better each day. When she had almost recovered, she suddenly said, "I am all well now. You don't have to worry about me anymore. I am going back to my parents' village to clarify the truth and save people and let them know that I recovered because I practice Dafa." Several days after she got back, her condition worsened and her family took her to a hospital. When we went to visit her again, she had already gone into a coma and passed away the next day.

Some practitioners said that she must have had certain attachments that she had not eliminated. I also thought that way, until I came to a realization from something that happened between my wife and me. My wife developed jealousy and resentment towards me and my family. She had not eliminated it since from the beginning of her cultivation. She refused to search within on this and always put the blame on others. I had accepted the situation with resignation. The two of us had been in this tribulation for years and could not eliminate it. I realized that this was the old forces' arrangement. Recently, I took her home on the back of my motorcycle. She was complaining about me and my mother again. All of sudden, we hit a big bump. She was thrown off and hit the ground hard. After that, she suffered from serious sickness karma. I asked other practitioners to come over to help her search within. I said that I could see it very clearly: It was all because of her jealousy and resentment and the old forces taking advantage of her loopholes. We helped her search within and sometimes even blamed her.

She was very resistant to what we said. Fellow practitioners and I sat down and searched within ourselves. I discovered that I also had resentment and jealousy and that I always picked on others. It was just that my attachments were not as noticeable. My wife often said that I was selfish and hypocritical, but I never admitted it. I always thought that I studied the Fa well and had better enlightenment. Now I realized that I truly did have those issues. When looking outward, it was easy to pick on others. When searching within, I could not find anything. This was exactly the old forces' reflection of not searching within. It was built on a selfish foundation. But the new universe requires lives to be selfless and to look inward without any conditions.

Regarding how I treated Practitioner C, I realized that I always focused on her attachments. Helping her search within actually put more pressure on her. I did not truly appreciate how much she was suffering. I did not truly share with her with compassion. She said before she passed away that going back to her parents' was just to avoid the pressure that fellow practitioners imposed on her.

I had thought that my methods worked perfectly, but I did not truly search within. Wasn't that like the old forces? I realized that all attachments come from selfishness. I felt that I had finally touched the part that had not assimilated with the Fa. I shared my thoughts with fellow practitioners. Everybody started looking inward and found many attachments. Fellow practitioners apologized to my wife. I had never admitted any of my mistakes in front of my wife before. But this time, I sincerely told her, "I am sorry. I made you suffer for all these years." I saw tears in her eyes.

She started to search within and negate the old forces' arrangements and illusions, and she recovered rapidly.

I have learned my lesson from this: no matter when, no matter what issues we face, searching within is forever the magic tool. Studying the Fa and searching within can break through any of the old forces' arrangements and can help us walk to the end on the path Master arranged for us.