(Clearwisdom.net) My granddaughter Chen Chen is seven years old this year. She is a young Dafa disciple who just started practicing a year ago. Recently she became very diligent in studying the Fa. She quit watching her favorite TV programs. Master opened her celestial eye. Below are some scenes she saw while sending forth righteous thoughts.

When Dafa disciples sit cross-legged (in the lotus position) and enter into a tranquil state while sending righteous thoughts, in another dimension, their bodies appear in a sacred state. The gong column above their head shines brightly. The true body sits cross-legged on a lotus flower, flying upwards on the top of one’s own gong column. Some practitioners' whole body itself is a huge, golden, shining gong column that is shooting into the cosmos, towards the main battlefield between good and evil. For other practitioners, their gong column rises up to a certain extent; then a pair of wings appear behind their backs, and they continue to fly upwards.

The main battlefield between good and evil in the universe is magnificent. All the positive and negative beings as well as all elements in the universe gather there, forming two major opposing forces. The positive elements have gained the upper hand. Firstly, in front of my eyes, I saw our Master appearing huge and mighty in the cosmos, wearing dazzling, golden clothes. He is turning the Falun with his huge arm. Below, countless righteous gods are gathered, wearing all kinds of attire and carrying different weapons. Their expressions are serious yet sacred. Yet, even more magnificent are the Dafa disciples who have come to assist Master. Their numbers are even greater, too numerous to count. Some come stepping on clouds, some fly with their wings, most arrived sitting on lotus flowers. The lotus flowers are exceptionally beautiful, in all sorts of colors. The lotus flowers also have different layers. Some have a maximum of 10 layers. Generally, Dafa disciples sit on lotus flowers with four to five layers. These are the ones who are more diligent.

Although there are many evil, rotten beings and the evil specter of Communism gathered in the battlefield, they are very weak and have lost the battle. Many of them have been destroyed. Dafa disciples engage in battle with these evil beings, holding in their hands all kinds of extraordinary weapons. Some use bows, swords, whips, flying daggers, arrows, and so on. Working together, they destroy the evil. When these evil elements are destroyed, their remains become grey ash floating in the sky like black fog.

When sending righteous thoughts, if disciples states of mind are pure and righteous, their backs and palms are held erect, their minds are alert and focused, and in another dimension, their supernormal abilities are strong and powerful. Consequently, many evil elements will be eliminated, thus effectively assisting Master in Fa rectification.

When making the lotus flower hand gesture while sending forth righteous thoughts, in another dimension, something similar to a vessel appears inside the practitioner's hands in the lotus flower hand gesture. The vessel contains a sticky liquid-like material. When sending righteous thoughts using the lotus flower gesture, the grey ash remains of the evil beings that are destroyed will be collected into the vessel and dissolved into its origin using the liquid-like material, so that they will not create chaos in the human world again. Everyone gathers the remains into their lotus flower gestures and submerge them into the liquid in their own vessel. After some time, the universe appears clean and bright.

If the Dafa disciple minds are not alert and focused while sending righteous thoughts, then the vessels in their lotus flower hand gesture will tip over and the liquid will spill out. The remains of the evil beings will not be thoroughly dissolved and will become alive again, continuing to do evil. If the lotus flower gesture is closed like a flower bud, then the evil remains will not be gathered and they will continue to create chaos in the air.

The time spent sending forth righteous thoughts can be long or short. Sometimes disciples send righteous thoughts for only 10 minutes. In another dimension, even before the battle has finished, one has left the battlefield. Many Dafa disciples persist in sending righteous thoughts for 30 to 40 minutes until the universe is clean and bright.

Whenever Dafa disciples send righteous thoughts, in another dimension, there is a pen and book used to record the details of sending righteous thoughts, such as the time spent, how much effort is put in, etc. The tip of the pen is shaped like a feather, and the color varies. The color of the book is the same as that of the pen.

When Dafa disciples send righteous thoughts, their true bodies dash into the universe to take part in the battle between good and evil, and the pen begins to record the details until the end of sending righteous thoughts. It is the same every time. If one neglects to send righteous thoughts, the pen and book will just stay put.

The above is what Chen Chen saw in another dimension and described in detail. The purpose of re-organizing and writing this is to encourage fellow practitioners to put great emphasis on and become serious about sending righteous thoughts, so that we will surely do better in future.