(Clearwisdom.net) In the past, whenever I saw fellow practitioners' shortcomings, I became anxious and wanted to help them improve. I sometimes blamed or criticized them, but I later realized that this was wrong and could hurt practitioners. When I pointed out others' problems, I found that my words contained elements of validating myself.

I realized that trying to help others with an impure heart is the same as trying to force practitioners to change. I rectified myself according to the Fa and started sharing and discussing their shortcomings with them. Although it seemed to be less confrontational, I still felt in my heart that having the thought that “I am helping them” was still not pure enough.

Every problem we encounter during the Fa-rectification period is there to help us improve our xinxing, and it helps us to rectify our corresponding universes. When we help practitioners, we should not be attached to self, and should consider others' feelings in order to truly harmonize with Dafa.

Practitioners who are experiencing tribulations are suffering, and what they need most is our patient support, so that they can feel the compassion of Dafa. They will then be able to develop strong righteous thoughts and gain a firmer belief in the Fa. We must treat others kindly and show great tolerance. If we always feel that we have cultivated better than others and look down on them, we are validating ourselves, and not Dafa.

To genuinely help practitioners, we need to calm down, study the Fa, share experiences with them, and patiently guide them. Only by suppressing the human heart can we calmly examine ourselves and see the true nature of the problem. Helping others is selflessly giving, and not a superficial formality or trying to find out who is right and who is wrong. If we think that the other practitioner has to apologize in order to show that they have enlightened more in the Fa, then this just serves the purpose of the veteran practitioner validating themselves and proving their point.

We are practitioners of the same Fa and are all being taken care of by Teacher. We should see the good points of our fellow practitioners, and examine ourselves to find our own shortcomings, rather than blaming others. We can then encourage each other and improve as a whole body.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything that is inappropriate.