(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Kong Xianguo works at the Luya Decoration Company. At around 1:00 p.m. on December 18, 2010, he received a call at the office, after which he left work and did not come back. At around 3:30 p.m., two policemen went to the Luya Decoration Company and took away Mr. Kong's personal property, including two personal computers, four cell phones, a parcel, and his coat. The police left an inventory list of items confiscated, which also noted the name, police ID number, and cell phone number of the officer in charge. While they were going through Mr. Kong's things, the police said to the company president that Mr. Kong was in police custody and he could not tell anyone, as it was a police issue. The company president used to be an attorney. He told the two policemen that they had to inform Mr. Kong's family within 48 hours, but the policemen ignored him.

Seven days later, Mr. Kong Xianguo's mother kept trying to reach him, but could not. She then called the company president and inquired what happened to her son. The company president then realized that the police did not inform Mr. Kong's family at all. He told Mr. Kong's mother that two policemen took him away and she could call 86-13804085911 to inquire.

Mr. Kong's mother immediately called the number and asked the policemen, “Did you take away my son?” The person on the other end did not answer her question, but questioned her about where she got the phone number. Mr. Kong's mother asked which police station to contact and how to contact him. The person at the other end hung up.

In order to learn what happened to her son, Mr. Kong's mother went to the Luya Decoration Company and made inquiries with the company president on December 26, 2010. The president took out the document left by the Dalian Police Department. On it was marked “Zhu Xun, 13804085911 (Cell), Police ID number: 200578”.

Mr. Kong's mother went to the Dalian Police Department at once and inquired with the local police about the case. Mr. Kong's mother then made considerable efforts to go to the Fuguojie Police Station and inquire about her son's whereabouts. The police station said they did not know where he was.

Mr. Kong's mother went back home and waited another three days. After ten days, there was still no information about her son. She called policeman Zhu again and asked if he had taken him away. Zhu did not give her an answer and again questioned where she got the phone number. She said that she got the number from the company president and had been asking everyone she could about how she could find her son.

According to incomplete statistics, as of December 31, 2010, about 200 Falun Gong practitioners from the Dalian area were still detained in prisons, forced labor camps, detention centers, and brainwashing centers. About 40 practitioners from other cities are detained in Dalian.