(Clearwisdom.net) Duyun Prison is one of the most notorious places in Guizhou Province where the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecutes Falun Gong practitioners. It has two other names: Guizhou Province Prison, and Duyun Jianjiang Cement Factory. The following is additional information to the previous reports on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website.

Deputy division head Yang Zhongxin and political heads Tian Geng and Du Yunlin organized a group to “reform” practitioners consisting of inmates headed by inmate Chen Yuanlong; other group members included Zhang Shihong and Cen Chaoxi. They savagely tortured practitioners Mo Qi, Wang Guoyu, and Xu Shiwen. They forbade them from using the restroom, pinned them to the ground, and stomped on their abdomens and chests to make them incontinent.

Zhang Shihong even said openly, “We are like KGB agents. The guards have arranged for us to reform you.”

The group was especially cruel towards Mr. Xu Shiwen, and he ended up suffering a mental breakdown from the brutal torture. His arms were broken from the beatings and hung listless down his sides. They made a cone-shaped paper hat and put it on his head, put a bowl of water on his shoulder and forced him to sit still and watch slanderous propaganda on TV. If he showed even the slightest motion they would assault him, pour boiling water on him, or burn him with lit cigarettes. They also rubbed their genitals against his face, neck, and other parts of his head. They would not let him sleep for days while constantly bombarding him with insults and violent attacks.

Mr. Zhang went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. They pried his mouth open with a hard object and chopsticks, and shoved dry rice down his throat, putting him in agony. After four months, Xu Shiwen was emaciated and could no longer take care of himself.

Practitioner Yang Runchun refused to “reform” and was tortured for a long time. Even right before he left Duyun Prison, he was taken to the 4th Division and savagely beaten.

Practitioner Yao Junjing was sleep-deprived for three days straight. Yao had worked at Liyang Factory in Pingba County, Anshun City. Anshun Domestic Security Bureau illegally arrested him around October 2004, and Xixiu District Court officials in Anshun sentenced him to nine years in prison in November 2005, where he was subsequently beaten frequently.

Practitioner Wu Kunyao was handcuffed behind the back and savagely beaten because he refused to wear an ID badge that designated him as an inmate. He had worked at a Chinese medicine hospital in Bijie, but was sentenced to five years in prison around 2000. He was physically tortured and mentally tormented, and released in 2005. The prison guards beat him with such force in February 2004 that he lost consciousness for two or three hours.

Practitioner Deng Shubin tore up posters that slandered Falun Dafa and was handcuffed behind the back and savagely beaten. He was also shocked with electric batons and tortured for one week.

Practitioner Chen Zhongquan was beaten and tortured at the Packaging and Shipping Division [the prison also doubles as a cement factory]. Inmates crushed his fingers with a pair of pliers and pounded his toes with hammers.

Practitioner Chuan Qiang was long-term sleep-deprived and forbidden to move while sitting. He was beaten, tortured, and was prevented from wearing a heavy winter coat during the cold season. The guards opened all the windows to let the cold wind in while locking him inside the room. Chuan is from Daozhen Gelao and Miao Autonomous County in Guizhou Province. He was arrested in July 2006, and sentenced to four years in prison.

Practitioner Wang Xiaodong was held in the 2nd Division. He refused to “reform” and protested the persecution. The guards transferred him to the 4th Division and locked him in a room for a long time. They hog-tied him in a chair and gagged him before savagely beating him.

Practitioner Hu Dali became emaciated during his time in Duyun Prison. His legs were almost paralyzed from torture, and he had to walk with crutches. Despite his handicapped condition, guard Liao Shilun requested more torture be used on him, to curry favor with his superiors and to win a “competition” against another guard, Wang Shijun.

Practitioner Hu Dali worked at the Xiuwen County Chinese Medicine Hospital's Pharmacy in Guizhou Province, and was illegally sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp. He was fired from his job for his belief after leaving the labor camp and went to Guiyang City, Guizhou Province to work in September 2002. Officials from his hometown in Xiuwen County harassed his family and waited outside his home, in an attempt to arrest him upon his return. Because he did not go home, they ordered other hospital employees to look for him in Guiyang City. He was soon arrested and lost contact with his family.

Someone called his family in July 2003 and told them he had been crippled in prison and could no longer stand up. His family immediately requested to see him, but the request was denied. Wudang District Court in Guiyang City sentenced him to ten years in prison in August 2003, without notifying his family. This information devastated his parents. They went to the Guiyang No. 1 Detention Center many times, but were always denied meeting with their son. The family had to borrow money to make the trips, but they were never allowed to see him.

Practitioner Yang Xiuming was constantly attached, both verbally and physically, and his life was in danger. As reported earlier on Minghui, Mr. Yang was arrested from his workplace at the Xinhuang County Civilian Administration Bureau on August 4, 2003 by Li Dongping, a captain from the Yuping County National Security Brigade in Tongren City, Guizhou Province. Others participating in the arrest were Ruan Jianping, head of the Public Security Department; captain Yao Benxin of the Xinhuang County National Security Brigade; Li Xinming of the 610 Office; and driver Yao Jianlin. Led by Li Dongping and Ruan Jianping, three or four policemen held Mr. Yang down on the ground on his knees and handcuffed him behind his back. He was forced to stand facing a wall and was beaten, forbidden access to drinking water, and sleep-deprived for two consecutive days. Following Mr. Yang's arrest, no one was notified of his whereabouts. Later on friends heard from an insider that he was held at the Yuping County Detention Center in Guizhou Province.

The following month, Yang Xiuming was arrested again on orders from Yuping County Court. He went on a hunger strike to protest. Detention center head Wang and deputy head Shu Hingjun ordered him to be brutally force-fed, which he was over the next twenty days at the Yuping County Detention Center. He was whipped and shackled with 38-kilogram chains for ten days. He spit up blood twice following the force-feeding. The torture left him incontinent and emaciated.

Practitioner Meng Wenju refused to wear an inmate ID badge. Guard Zhong Shan led a group of inmates who handcuffed him behind the back, struck him to the ground, and stomped and kicked his abdomen, chest, and back. Guard Wang Shijun shocked his head and eyes with electric batons, causing swelling. The blood vessels in his eyes became engorged with blood, and his sight was blurry. Then the guard incited five inmates to beat him for several hours. He vomited blood for a long time afterward. They handcuffed him and hung him from a bed rail. He went to the restroom in handcuffs.

The guards also went to the practitioners’ homes and tried to extort money from their families.

After this particular crime was exposed, Education Section head Wang Huachuan tried to deny that the extortion attempt was carried out by guards at a prison-wide meeting. He falsely claimed that it was done by released inmates posing as prison guards.