(Clearwisdom.net) I was arrested in 2004. Prior to living overseas I witnessed the torture deaths of two practitioners in custody.

1. Mr. Wang Wenju Tortured to Death

Name: Wang Wenju (王文举)
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Address: Unknown
Occupation: English teacher employed by Tanggou High School in Youyan County, Liaoning Province (辽宁省岫岩县汤沟中学英语教师)
Date of Death: April 27, 2005
Date of Most Recent Arrest: October 26, 2004
Most Recent Place of Detention: Nanhuayuan Prison in Fushen City, Liaoning Province (抚顺南花园监狱)
City: Fushun
Province: Liaoning
Persecution Suffered: Sleep deprivation, forced labor, brainwashing, illegal sentencing, beatings, imprisonment, torture, force-feedings, extortion, physical restraint, interrogation, detention, denial of restroom use, denied visitation
Key Persecutors: Luan Fuxuan, Deputy Prison Director(副监狱长栾福选), Zhao Liang, Office chair (狱政科长赵亮); Cao Junfu, Vice Chair (副科长曹俊富); Zhao Kaimin Education Office Chair (教育科长赵凯敏); Education Office workers Feng Zhizhong, Sun Zenghua, Yuan (教育科科员冯至忠、孙增华、袁姓女狱警)

Mr. Wang Wenju began cultivating Falun Dafa in 2004. He witnessed the healing power of Falun Dafa when his wife's diabetes disappeared as a result of the practice. He bravely clarified the truth about the persecution to his students. He was reported and arrested on October 26, 2004. He was then sentenced to three years in prison. He was taken to Shenyang City around March 20, 2005, then was transferred to Fushen City Nanhuayuan Prison where he was tortured to death on April 27, 2005, at only 38 years old.

Mr. Wang Wenju

I was detained in the First Ward (later changed to the Eighth Ward) of Nanhuayuan Prison from October 2004 to June 2008. Mr. Wang Wenju was transferred from New Inmate Prison of Shenyang City Prison Block at the beginning of April 2005, and was detained in the Strictly Controlled Ward. This prison always detains new inmates in the Strictly Controlled ward for a month, where they are subjected to forced labor. Then they would be transferred to other wards.

Xiao Ran was the Warden of this Strictly Controlled Ward. They arranged a prisoner, Chi Qin (from Fushun City), as prisoner head. Mr. Wang Wenju was on hunger strike to protest the imprisonment upon arrival. He was transferred to the prison hospital to be brutally force-fed. Guards tied Mr. Wang on the bed and prisoners pressed down on him while a guard inserted a rubber tube into his nose and stomach. Blood instantly flew out of Mr. Wang's nose.

Later, prisoner Chi Qin led a group of prisoners to force-feed Mr. Wang. They were encouraged to torture Mr. Wang, where they punched his eyes to prevent him from sleeping and insulted him at will. Since the guards refused to untie him from the bed, Mr. Wang was forced to excrete on the bed. Mr. Wang requested to eat and to have the tube removed. Prison administration said he must write a guarantee statement that he would never go on hunger strike any more. Mr. Wang refused, so the tube was not taken out. He was not allowed to eat by himself, and later totally lost consciousness. Further details of his torture are yet to be discovered.

The prison administration took Mr. Wang to Fushun City Mining Bureau Hospital on April 25, 2005, he died two days later. His eyes were surrounded by bruises. He died 20 days after being detained in Nanhuayuan Prison.

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2. Mr. Wang Jinzhong Tortured to Death

Name: Wang Jinzhong (王金钟)
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Address: Unknown
Occupation: Employee of Zhongshan Park (沈阳中山公园职工)
Date of Death: June 13, 2004
Date of Most Recent Arrest: May 20, 2004
Most Recent Place of Detention: Tiexi District Detention Center in Shenyang City (沈阳铁西看守所)
City: Shenyang
Province: Liaoning
Persecution Suffered: beatings, torture, detention

Mr. Wang Jinzhong is a very tall (1.78 meter) and strong man (170 pounds). He was arrested by officers from Xingshun Station in Tiexi District. He was tortured to death in less than one month.

Mr. Wang Jinzhong

I was arrested on June 10, 2004 by Domestic Security Agents of Tiexi District Police Department in Shenyang City. They detained me on June 12, 2004 in Ward A, Tiexi District Detention Center. The very next day, on June 13, 2004, I saw through metal bars, four guards carrying Mr. Wang Jinzhong's body out from the 1st cell of Ward A.

The sight of his damaged body was too tragic to bear. He only wore underwear and his body was nothing but skin and bones and his skin had turned dark. His eyes were wide open and surrounded with bruises, his mouth was also wide open. His body weight was probably only 60 pounds.

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