(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Gong in 1996. After the Communist regime started its persecution of Falun Gong, I was detained for three years. While I was imprisoned, I was tortured. In recent years, I have gotten involved in editing local truth-clarification materials as well as cooperating with fellow practitioners. I would like to report on my experience of exposing the persecution and saving sentient beings. Please point out anything inappropriate.

Exposing the Persecution Has Great Meaning

In March 2009 the Minghui website [Chinese version of Clearwisdom] published an article titled “The Evil Forced Labor Camp,” which encouraged practitioners to share their experiences in forced labor camps in order to expose the persecution. We realized that it was time for practitioners to work as a whole body to expose the persecution and eliminate all the evil factors. The persecution in our city is pretty severe. However, few practitioners have talked about the torture they experienced in forced labor camps. For instance, there were over a thousand practitioners being held in a forced labor camp in our city, but fewer than a hundred articles about them were published on the Minghui website. We all agreed that practitioners in our area should write articles about their experiences in the forced labor camps. Shortly after our discussion, several articles were published. However, most practitioners did not dare to do it because they were afraid that they would be further persecuted if they talked about their experiences in the forced labor camps.

At the end of 2009, the judicial departments of Spain and Argentina each declared that Jiang Zemin was charged with genocide and torture for persecuting Falun Gong. The decisions were based on a lot of evidence which mostly came from the Minghui website. The United Nations has collected more than a thousand examples of Falun Gong practitioners being tortured in China.

I completely agree that it is the hard work of practitioners in China during the past 10 years that gives the whole world a chance to become aware of the brutal persecution going on in Mainland China. Our local coordinator asked practitioners to share their positive experiences of exposing the persecution. We all came to the realization that exposing the persecution is significantly meaningful.

Exposing the Persecution Is a Process of Helping Practitioners Validate the Fa

Practitioner A, a former coordinator in our area, was severely tortured. Then he compromised with the authorities and helped the police “transform” other practitioners. Finally, he came back to Dafa and persisted in doing the three things. However, he still experienced great mental pressure. He was very excited when he read Master's article “Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference” in which Master talked about “a great Final Judgement.” He saw in his third eye that he was tied to a pillar of shame.

Later on, Practitioner B told us that a practitioner who did not know A said that she also saw that A was tied to a pillar of shame and brought to trial. She was so worried that she asked B to tell A that he should come out and validate the Fa. We talked with A about it. At that time, we were collecting the persecution cases at a particular forced labor camp. A was also previously held there. Therefore, we encouraged A to write an article to talk about his experience. A agreed. But practitioners thought that his article was not based on the Fa. We thought A should rewrite it and publish his article on the Minghui website.

I invited A to my home and had a talk with him. I argued that we should say no to the old forces and expose the persecution, and, being a practitioner, A should realize that what he did was wrong and he should do things based on the Fa. If we stayed in the snare which was set up by the old forces, we were still restricted to the principles of the old universe. A realized that his mistake was critical and wrote an article at once.

I was a little worried about whether it was alright if A was not writing it from his heart. Then A came in and looked relaxed, as if he knew what I was thinking. He said, “Don't worry. I saw that my article was published in other dimensions while I was writing it.”

Then A's article was published on the Minghui website. He had a breakthrough in his cultivation and eliminated many evil factors in his field in other dimensions. Meanwhile, he was no longer in the old forces' arrangements, and his mind was based on the Fa. Other practitioners were also encouraged. We should do things according to the Fa, and exposing the persecution is the best way to stop the persecution.

After a year, many practitioners had the feeling that their fields in other dimensions were clean and pure after writing articles to expose the persecution. Whenever an article was published, other practitioners always added supplements to it.

Working as a Whole Body to Expose the Persecution

Every practitioner in our area got involved in exposing the persecution. We also have some suggestions.

(1) Everyone should share his experience of being persecuted. If you cannot read or write, you could ask other practitioners for help. Basically, you just need to tell the facts of the persecution. The more specific, the better. Then the article will have more detail.

(2) We need to have more detailed information, such as the names of the policemen, the means used to persecute practitioners, and information about practitioners who were tortured to death, disabled, or mentally destroyed. It would be great if we could also have the practitioners' pictures.

There were many practitioners in a specific area, and many of them were persecuted. Therefore, we collected as much information as we could, and we asked the coordinator to share it with practitioners in other Fa-study groups. Then practitioners added 50 new articles as well as supplementary information to the existing articles. Now the number of practitioners we have information about (who were persecuted there) is twice the amount that we were initially aware of.

We also used data from the Minghui website. We searched and downloaded information. But some did not conform to our requirements. For example, some information did not include the name of the person who was responsible for the persecution. So we asked practitioners to proofread and improve it. We also interviewed practitioners in order to validate the information. I still remember that when we were doing an investigation on a specific prison, we interviewed every practitioner.

Getting Rid of Human Attachments While Cooperating

We must cooperate well to expose the persecution. In the process, I was impatient and too attached to my own ideas. I did not want to be criticized, and I held grudges. Those were all human attachments. I have let go of many such attachments.

Once we heard that all the practitioners in a forced labor camp refused to renounce their faith, and the local 610 Office was going to set up a brainwashing session for them. We planned to post banners and to mail truth-clarification letters to the labor camp. Practitioner C used to be held there, and he finally managed to leave the camp with righteous thoughts, so we wanted C to write some articles to expose the persecution there. He agreed, but he did not give us his article on time. I had to ask another practitioner to do it. I was really upset and blamed C for not putting his heart into doing it. I decided to never ask him to write articles again. Furthermore, I complained to other practitioners about him.

One day, we needed to interview a practitioner's family. The practitioner had been held in a forced labor camp multiple times. Practitioner C took us to his home. However, his family did not welcome us. The next day C and the rest of us went to interview a practitioner who had just come out of the forced labor camp. On the way, we were followed. We sent forth righteous thoughts, and several hours later, we came to a cafe where we succeeded in interviewing him. I realized that it was difficult for Practitioner C to do the three things in such a situation. I realized that I always looked at practitioners' shortcomings instead of his or her good points, and I was not compassionate to fellow practitioners.

We should listen to Master's Fa and always consider others and look inward whenever we encounter a conflict. Only by doing that can we be kind to other practitioners and cooperate well.

Looking back at my cultivation, it was compassionate Master who always led me to a righteous way. In this final period of Fa-rectification, I will cultivate more diligently.