(Clearwisdom.net) I am an editor and would like to share my view after reading the article “The Basis of Writing an Article Needs to Be Selfless,” which was published on the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) on December 19, 2010.

In the past, especially during the annual article collection for the online Fa conference for practitioners in China, fellow practitioners encouraged each other, and many practitioners actively participated. It was very important and played a positive role. Meanwhile, everything in this human world has two sides. This is also true for articles submitted to the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. If the author only emphasizes one side, that person seems biased. What is the other side? In this article mentioned above, during the past several years, some practitioners have emphasized self by using phrases such as I want my articles published, my project, my... Other practitioners wanted to use the website to raise their status. They spent quite a bit of time writing and submitting articles to the website, but their articles were of little value. Teacher taught us the Fa principles in this regard early on; therefore we must remember that Dafa disciples have a limited amount of time. Only truly good articles will be selected for publication on the Minghui website, because they will help the whole body to improve. For those mediocre and not so good articles, it is not worthwhile for everyone to read them, as it would waste our time, which could have been used for studying the Fa.

We have learned from Teacher's Fa lectures that studying the Fa well is the foundation of cultivation, and experience sharing is only a complementary means, which needs to be in the right direction. Therefore, when we edit and publish experience sharing articles, we usually look at the big picture and make sure that the content and key points are right. However, for various reasons, the number of experience sharing articles submitted every day is still too high. In addition, as more and more Fa study groups are established in China, even though some articles have good points, if they are limited to personal cultivation or if they contain issues that can be solved through discussion during group Fa study, such articles don't need to be published on the Dafa website, nor should they be published in Minghui Weekly for circulation among practitioners who don't have access to the Internet. Otherwise, many practitioners all over the world would waste much time that should be spent on studying the Fa or reading articles which truly reflect the main direction.

Regarding the issue of practitioners controlling the quality of submitted articles on the Minghui website, the practitioners who stepped forward early on to fulfill their mission as practitioners in the Fa-rectification period can understand it very well because they are quite mature in their cultivation. However, for those who stepped forward later, or took a deviated path, or only started being diligent in recent years, they may not have a good understanding about this. In fact, if we practitioners can truly let go of self and think from the angle of Teacher's rectifying the Fa, and as Dafa disciples forming a whole body, it is not difficult to accept. During the early years, we coordinated very well with veteran practitioners in China, because our hearts were all on cultivation, validating Dafa, and assisting Teacher in rectifying the Fa. Therefore, we took a path which has no formalities. We needed little written communication in order to coordinate well. There are now more new practitioners, new sites that produce information materials, and more practitioners who came back to Dafa. I wrote this article about the purpose of submitting articles and the quality of these articles in hopes that it will help us improve as a whole body, so that we can cherish our own time as well as fellow practitioners' time, truly study the Fa well, and save all sentient beings that need to be saved.