(Clearwisdom.net) We, as true Dafa disciples, practice cultivation to constantly raise our levels. Ascending in cultivation in the human world is to elevate in spirituality from one realm to another realm, constantly surpassing one's previous state of mind. It is like discarding layer after layer of attachments and perceptions until all notions are relinquished and one is free from their burden.

Beautiful women tend to compete with other beautiful women. Since there is a great deal of difference between the two, a beautiful woman would not say to an unattractive woman, “I am prettier than you.” In general, human beings' attitude toward gods is respectful. I have not heard that humans have all sorts of opinions of gods, and I haven't heard of anyone who dares to despise gods. Gods would never compete with humans for supremacy, and gods would not be influenced by humans, because gods' realms are so high that people are simply unable to reach them.

As cultivators, then, when we are saving sentient beings and are quick to let fellow practitioners know about it it, when we do not like or look down on fellow practitioners, when we show ourselves off as a winner and show off our abilities to ordinary people or fellow practitioners, at that time we're actually nothing. We will have already dropped to the level of ordinary people with all thoughts on par with the old forces' arrangements. Our xinxing is the same as the ordinary people's level, or even worse than a good ordinary person.

Master requires us to consider others first. While stumbling frequently on my cultivation path, I found myself improving. When a fellow practitioner encountered a difficulty in cultivation and was attached to human notions, I treated her concern as my concern, placing saving people as the first priority. I would quietly send forth righteous thoughts till the practitioner overcame the tribulation. The practitioner came to me delightedly and shared with me how she overcame the impediment and tribulation. I calmly, naturally, and smilingly looked at her and did not say anything. I no longer acted complacent like I did before, nor did I show off about how I sent righteous thoughts for that practitioner. I just quietly looked at the practitioner, pleased to see her build up more self-confidence and increase righteous thoughts.

I enlightened to the fact that, when we do things, we should do them well. We cannot use the strong to overpower the weak. It should be that the strong complements the weak. Practitioners should cooperate well with each other. Our purpose is to save sentient beings, and any method can be used to save sentient beings. Being able to let go of the attachment to self and quietly harmonize with fellow practitioners is outstanding, and a life that knows how to cooperate is the most beautiful being.

In the process of clarifying the truth to sentient beings, some sentient beings are disrespectful of Master and the Fa. At first, when faced with such disrespectful sentient beings, I'd feel my blood boil in anger. I almost couldn't control myself. After a period of time I understood that we came here to save sentient beings. Sentient beings understand the truth as a result of Dafa disciples clarifying the truth. We are saving sentient beings with great forbearance. We should not abandon them even when they are impolite to us. I won't pay attention to people's expressions: I'll be tolerant and I'll persevere in clarifying the truth. As long as the Fa-rectification hasn't ended, I shall not let up in saving sentient beings. As it says in a Shen Yun song, "The divine will forever be compassionate. I will not give up on any sentient being."

My experience sharing articles are frequently published. In the beginning I wondered how much effect my experience sharing articles had. Later, after more articles were published, I realized that, because I had made such a wish, I have a responsibility to write experience sharing articles—that's all. As for gaining mighty virtue, I never have such thoughts in my mind. I only think that I should write and continue to write. While writing, I'm very clear, and my divine side comes into action. Who could imagine a great enlightened being who would calculate how much mighty virtue he could gain from doing something?

As I constantly improve my cultivation level, when I look back, I notice that the previous level was very restricted. There was a period of time that I memorized Zhuan Falun. When I was in a state of tranquility and contentment, I really found myself very small within the immeasurable and boundless Dafa. What I can enlighten to is only a tiny little point. Some things can't be described with human language.

Having chosen to be practitioners, we then should look like practitioners and behave like practitioners. We should constantly ascend in cultivation.

Thank you, great Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!