(Clearwisdom.net) I grew up in a village in Beijing. This is the first time that I have submitted an article to Minghui (Chinese version of Clearwisdom) to share my cultivation experiences with fellow practitioners.

1. After Obtaining Dafa, the Burden of Illness Was Lifted from Me

I started to work when I was 18 years old. I had developed all kinds of health problems after working in a factory. After getting married, I couldn't even take care of my daily life. My brother-in-law had recommended Falun Gong to me many times, but I told him that my legs were too stiff to practice any Qigong.

A year later, in the end of 1998, my sister-in-law invited me to visit her. When I entered the room, it was full of people listening to a recording, and I headed back out. My sister-in-law grabbed me and said, “You sit down and listen to it!” After a while, I felt myself spinning. They told me, “You have excellent in-born qualities. See, you just came in and the Falun is already adjusting your body.” I did not understand what they meant, but knew it was a good thing. I had not slept well for many years, but that night I slept really well after I returned home. I went back to her home the next day and soon I began to feel worse; fellow practitioners had to help me home. I vomited many times but felt much better afterward. After some time, I started to do the exercises, but I couldn't bend my legs, so I couldn't even do the single-lotus sitting position. I suffered a lot of hardships before I could do the double-lotus sitting position. Sweat and tears mixed together as my karma-covered body was being purified.

2. I Am a Good Person with Righteous Thoughts; My Mother Helps Protect Me

On July 20, 1999, the CCP started its full-scale persecution of Falun Gong. At that time, I knew Master was teaching us to be good. There is nothing wrong being a good person, so I went to Zhongnanhai and participated in the “April 25” petition without hesitation. No matter what happens, I will always follow Master. I then proceeded to Tiananmen, the petition office, and other government departments with more senior practitioners. We hoped to clarify the truth about Dafa. My aunt was worried about me getting arrested and put in prison, so she went down on her knees and begged me not to go. I said, “This is not your business. I must follow Master.” I repeatedly went to Tiananmen and was arrested several times, so they started to monitor me. I then left my home and went to live with my parents. Someone in the village tipped off the police. A policeman came to my parents' home to arrest me. I heard the news and hid in my younger brother's room. My mother stepped in right as the policeman entered the room to look for me. She grabbed the policeman and asked, “This is my son's room and he is a military officer on active duty. What are you here for? Do you have any ID?” The policeman ran away in disgrace. The next time the policeman came for me, my mother slapped his face.

3. Validating Dafa in this World Under Master's Care

Less than half a year after I obtained the Fa, the persecution began. It became my mission and responsibility to let people know the truth about Falun Gong. I was pregnant at the time but did not have any prenatal problems. I was always on the road and ate irregularly. After eating, I would go out to post truth-clarification materials on walls, utility poles, and rocks. We organized into one body with everyone exactly doing his or her own part. I never thought of what kind of prenatal care my baby might need or when he would be born. One time, an older practitioner and I finished validating the Fa and returned to their village to take a rest. I felt pain in my lower back. The other practitioner asked, “Is it time for the baby to come?” I replied that I didn't know. When the midwife finally came in the door, my daughter was already half-way into the world. Now, it seems like a joke. Without Master's care there would have been the issue of safety for my daughter and myself.

After resting for ten days, I returned to validating the Fa again. I spent most of the first month after delivering my baby in wind and snow. How could I have such good health without Master's protection?

4. Remaining Firm and Steadfast While in Prison, Saving Sentient Beings with Righteous Thoughts

Through studying the Fa I realized that following Master's Fa-rectification, clarifying the truth, and saving sentient beings are our historic missions. Every being should be saved. After clarifying the truth to my relatives and neighbors, I go farther to let more people know the truth in order to be saved. Many amazing things have happened to people who quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations after listening to my truth-clarification. My niece cooks in the mountains and has quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. One day she was getting restless and she asked for time off and went home. Twenty minutes after she left, an explosion occurred at the mountain. People who were present were either killed or injured. She was in tears and could not find words to express her gratitude towards Dafa. My neighbor accepted an amulet for protection. One day he was going down the mountain with a donkey laden with over a hundred pounds of firewood. The mountainside was very steep. Seeing that the donkey was almost going to fall down the mountain, he shouted, “Falun Dafa is good!” The donkey turned the corner and walked down steadily.

Once the police detained me in a detention center under false charges. I had just finished reading the Fa principle that explains the turning of bad things into good things, so I started to send forth righteous thoughts all day long to eliminate the evil in the detention center. With each meeting, I stood up and clarified the truth to the prison guards. With fellow practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts near the detention center every day, I was able to leave six days later.

I will walk the final path well in this final period of Fa-rectification. Do the three things well and follow Master all the way home.