(Clearwisdom.net) In my ten years of cultivation, I was like an infant who gradually grew and matured. I thank Teacher for his patient guidance, along with the boundless Dafa, for its continuous influence. Our most honorable Teacher created millions of Dafa disciples who are courageous enough to follow and uphold the truth of the cosmos. I want to share my cultivation experience and present it to Master and everyone, in order to validate Teacher’s immeasurable benevolence.

My Body and Mind Both Elevated While Dafa Helped Resolve My Troubles at Home

I was born in 1969. I remember when I was young, my parents fought almost every day over problems arising from their poverty. I was left at home alone without anyone to take care of me. I cried all day long, to the point where my eyes were damaged and became sensitive to sunlight. The situation lasted until I was a teenager. I was strong-willed and stubborn. I began to suffer from shoulder inflammation, neurasthenia, and bad toothaches when I reached 18.

After I graduated from junior high school, I passed an examination held by the village and became a kindergarten teacher. Given the bad situation of the rural education system at the time, I saw no future in that career. Then, right after I was engaged to my husband, my mother-in-law stopped her support of him. Once when I was doing farm work in the field, my mother-in-law began to openly insult him and me. Although I was surprisingly calm when I was faced with her harassment, I was bewildered as to why she acted that way. When I got married, my husband was truly poor. All we had was my 60 yuan per month salary that was paid twice a year. At the time, his other sister was not married and everyone in the house had their own opinions about things, and the whole family was a mess. I developed many illnesses during my pregnancy. I used to complain that my fate was not good, feeling that heaven was unfair to me. I was only 30 years old, but my home was filled with drugs for all sorts of illnesses. I felt helpless toward life and the cold-heartedness of people.

In the spring of 1997, I was doing business away from my hometown. Luckily I got to read Zhuan Falun three times in a row. It awoke me, and gave my heart an unusual peace. I found that Zhuan Falun was what I was looking for all my life. I decided that I wanted to cultivate according to Dafa. The determination that originated from the bottom of my heart kept me strong in the ensuing days. No matter how many tribulations I was faced with, I was unwavering in my belief in Teacher and in my pursuit of the cosmos’ characteristics of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I truly understood why people had illnesses and tribulations, why people fought with each other, and why someone is rich or poor. All these difficult questions that had bothered me for a long time were answered in the book. Most importantly, I realized that Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is the only standard to evaluate whether a person is good or bad. With the elevation of my xinxing, Teacher purified my body. I burned all the memorial tablets at home. My mother-in-law’s senseless words and behavior were explained with Dafa principles. I felt so relaxed and relieved. My view of the world and life changed completely. I forgave my mother-in-law, and used my actions to impress her. Later my husband’s second sister said to me: “I did not truly appreciate your situation when you were newly married until after I got married myself. I want to apologize to you for my mother.” I said calmly: “Sister, it is Teacher who has changed me. Dafa has harmonized our family.”

After I learned Dafa, I no longer blamed others and I was happy. I used all my leisure time to read, and continuously immersed myself in Dafa principles. I firmly memorized Teacher’s teachings, to be fair in doing business, to not cheat, etc. Sometimes the person buying things from me asked, “Is your scale accurate? It seems to be more favorable to the customer than others'.” I said: “The scale may not be totally accurate, but my heart is at peace.” It is benevolent Teacher who has made me who I am today. I am one of the millions who have truly benefited.

Physical and Mental Improvement Made Me a New Person, and I Used My Experiences to Tell People the Facts

My parents, sister, and brother's whole family learned Dafa after I did. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance brought happiness and peace to my home. My mother’s obese body returned to normal, her coronary heart problem, high blood pressure, stroke symptoms, and emphysema all went away. Most striking was that my nephew went from not being able to stand at all to being able to, which caused a big uproar in the villages all around us. My father was seventy years old when his grandson (my nephew) was born. When my nephew was four, he was normal one night, but by the next morning his legs were so weak that he could not stand. Two different hospitals did many tests and tried all sorts of treatments, but nothing worked. They used up all the money in the family and some borrowed from relatives. My brother and sister-in-law were exhausted, but they could not give up. After returning home, the couple kept studying Dafa and doing the exercises. Soon their son’s legs recovered. This incident provided a good example for us to tell people the facts about Dafa.

In 1999, faced with the evil party’s attacks and slandering of Teacher and Dafa, I went to the streets to validate Dafa. At first, there were very limited Dafa information materials available, so I hand copied them. Later with the help of fellow practitioners, we established an information center, and making materials became my main task. I almost became an at-home, monk-style practitioner. I regarded saving sentient beings as my responsibility. I went online, downloaded, printed, and assembled materials every morning after studying the Fa, and then distributed them. I have shared briefly in my past two experience sharings of how I got rid of my attachments through conflicts with fellow practitioners when making materials at the information center. Looking back over the past ten years, it was exactly as Teacher said:

“[What is happening in the world] is but an instance of this wildly arrogant, evil party being utilized to test Dafa disciples and eliminate Dafa disciples’ attachments in the face of death, thus leading to their Consummation and meanwhile sifting out those who aren’t fit to be Dafa disciples. All it amounts to is just such a process.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference”)

With Teacher’s help and guidance, we have become wiser and more mature. We are immersed in the boundless Fa principles every day. Teacher’s help and enlightening make us feel that any achievement in cultivation is precious. Thousands of years of waiting is just for this day, when Teacher rectifies the Fa, and I do not dare to slow down. The cooperation among practitioners has gotten better and better. At this quickly passing historical moment, we cherish our predestined relationship. We remember that we are practitioners, and think of our mission and responsibility. I remember in November and December of 2009, we obtained posters about the trial in Spain and Argentina of Jiang Zemin and his gang. At that time the evenings were icy cold in Northeastern China. What should we do? Such important information needed to be relayed to people as soon as possible. After discussing among ourselves, we divided into groups, made glue ourselves, and posted them that same night.

I do not have any earth-shattering cultivation experiences. I just follow Teacher’s arrangement steadily. There is no set format to save people, but we make materials, spend money with bills written with Dafa-messages, we discuss the facts about Falun Dafa with people, and leave cell phone messages, etc. We all have tried our best.

I recall a few years ago, when I was still selling things on the street, a fellow practitioner brought me a bill with Dafa messages on it. I felt it was a good idea. Afterwards, I saved up all the newer bills I had obtained, and wrote short messages on them. Later, fellow practitioners designed print plates for printing messages on bills to make things much easier. Using money to spread Dafa messages has gradually become a common practice all over the country.

Studying the Fa Harder and Looking Inward to Cultivate Well

Since I learned Dafa, I have kept Teacher’s instructions in mind to study the Fa, study the Fa again, and study the Fa some more. Only if we dissolve in the Fa can we continuously improve and cleanse ourselves. Each level has different Fa principles and different requirements for us. Often it felt that we had gotten rid of some attachments, but soon after it showed up in different matters. When I was among practitioners, I got rid of many attachments through sharing and discussing with them, but in the past year, I returned to my hometown and found that many attachments had not been removed. For example, my younger sister and brother complained to me about my mom, and my two elder sisters complained about my younger sister and brother. They bothered me for a while, and I wondered why they all acted that way and why they didn’t look inward. I came to evaluate them with the Fa, demanding them to follow it, and even wanting to get away to avoid the situation. Teacher’s Fa inspired me to look inward, and has helped me get rid of my emotional attachment to my mother and feeling wronged. Afterwards, I saw the true nature of the matter and elevated myself. I better understood the meaning of

“Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in spring” (“The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos” from Hong Yin Vol. II).

It is a benevolent and unselfish mind that is compassionate to all lives. I no longer felt the complaints from my siblings were interference. I sincerely thanked Teacher, who used the situation to help me become more solid and stable in my cultivation.

I am a thrifty person, who does not spend money casually. I wanted my non-practicing son to be the same. Once he wanted to buy a new watch. I believed that a watch is used to tell time, and there is no point in getting an expensive one. He and grandpa ended up spending over 100 yuan to buy a watch. I was upset, and criticized him again and again. He said: “You don’t spend money yourself, but you cannot stop others from spending money. Why do you think that only what you say is correct?” Hearing that I suddenly thought: “Isn’t that true? Am I not being influenced by the Communist Party’s attitude of claiming themselves of being always wonderful and correct?” Not only this, but in my daily life, I always insisted on people listening to me and I never paid attention to other people’s feelings. I had nothing to say back to my son. Once I realized my deficiencies, the bad elements of the evil party’s influence were removed, and my mind became much more relaxed.

I thank Teacher for bringing me onto the path of becoming divine. I feel that I am still far from what Teacher wants of me, but I will not slack off. I will steadily and solidly cultivate myself to repay my debt to Teacher.