(Clearwisdom.net) When a practitioner from our area was illegally arrested and detained by officials from the local 610 Office in July 2010, fellow practitioners got together and sent righteous thoughts to help him completely deny the old forces' arrangements of the persecution.

When I was sending righteous thoughts for this practitioner, in another dimension I saw him walking around in circles, not knowing where to go. I became worried and said to him, "Remember, we are Teacher's practitioners. Do not forget the vows that we made before we came here. Walk on the path arranged by Teacher and completely deny the old forces' arrangements!"

I remember a conversation I had with that practitioner. He said that when he studied the Fa, he couldn't keep calm and that there was a lot of interference. I said, "You must study the teachings with a clear and peaceful mind." Then I realized that my heart wasn't calm either at times when I studied the Fa, and sometimes I even became sleepy. It was interference from the old forces. We must completely deny the old forces! We are here to assist Teacher with Fa-rectification. It is unacceptable if we can't do the three things well. We later invited him to join us to study the Fa and do the exercises. He was always too busy, so we didn't get to share our understandings on the Fa. Our fellow practitioner is now detained in a brainwashing center and they are persecuting him, so we must send righteous thoughts to help him.

When I sent righteous thoughts with a few practitioners to support him and several other practitioners who were detained, in another dimension I saw a tree as tall as the sky. The tree was golden and there were bunches of large fruit on it. It was rooted deep in the cosmos. I came to understand that all practitioners are one body. Teacher is not leaving any of us behind.

Another practitioner said that since we are one body, Teacher hints to us to send righteous thoughts to strengthen practitioners that are being persecuted, and help them step out of human notions in order to catch up with the progress of Fa-rectification.

On the morning of July 28, when I was sending righteous thoughts, I saw a group of rotten ghosts in a circle. I could only see their backs, as they did not show their faces, and they were attacking that fellow practitioner. I immediately sent strong righteous thoughts to eliminate them, and saw many bright Falun flying out to destroy them. The immense power made the rotten ghosts shatter into pieces instantly. They became smaller and even smaller pieces. I clearly felt the strong, compassionate energy coming from the cosmos. The dimension became very large and pure, and so magnificently colorful that it's beyond words. I was so moved. One righteous practitioner can conquer a hundred evils.

The above is my personal experience from sending righteous thoughts. I'm sharing it to help us remember that we should use righteous thoughts to strengthen our fellow practitioners who are working through tribulations.