(Clearwisdom.net) Fifty-eight-year-old Mr. Zhou Mofang was a lecturer at Yunnan Forestry Technical College who began practicing Falun Gong in 1994. He refused to betray Falun Gong when the persecution began and as a result has been subjected to severe persecution for years.

Mr. Zhou was brought to a local police station in December 22, 1999. Without showing any documentation or making an announcement, the police sent him to a forced labor camp for one year.

Kunming City's Guandu District Domestic Security Team head Feng Jun, along with other policemen, forced their way into Mr. Zhou's home on the morning of October 30, 2002. They took Mr. Zhou to the Guandu Detention Center and later transferred him to the Xishan District Detention Center. This time Zhou Mofang was held for eleven months.

In May 2003, Kunming City Intermediate Court tried Mr. Zhou. His lawyer defended him, "I went through my client's files. All of the so-called evidence came from one person. Based on that, the charges against my client are invalid." Head judge Zhang Zhaolong cut him short, "In your opinion, we should release him now? That's impossible." The head judge handed Mr. Zhou a five-year sentence and sent him to Yunnan No. 1 Prison. The deputy judges were Tang Yong and Xu Jianbin, and Duan Yunping was the secretary.

During his five years of incarceration, the 610 Office has dispatched three groups of people to "reform" him, but Mr. Zhou refused to give in to their attempts. He also insisted on clarifying the facts, and persuaded some practitioners who had given in under persecution to resume their practice of Falun Dafa. To punish him, agents from the prison 610 Office sent him to a strictly controlled team for intensified persecution. Mr. Zhou suffered very harsh treatment there. Most of his hair turned gray, and his blood pressure shot up to 200. He suffered from heart disease, stroke, edema and several other symptoms. A prison guard told him, "If you reform, we will let you go home on medical parole. Otherwise, you have to serve the full term." Mr. Zhou refused.

He was finally released on October 29, 2007, having served a full term. While incarcerated he was dismissed from his job. Nonetheless several officials from the technical college still harass him regularly. Former college deputy Party secretary Zhang Yao, 610 Office head Hao Chuansong, and security deputy head Zhang Feng often come to Mr. Zhou's home to harass his wife and daughter. They also restrict his personal freedom on so-called sensitive dates.

Even though according to prison rules Mr. Zhou was entitled to have visits from his family once or twice a month, his family was granted only five visits in five years. His right to exchange letters with family was also violated. The prison did not deliver a large number of letters sent to him.