(Clearwisdom.net) Over the long course of human history, each person's life has been arranged by the old forces down to the finest detail. This has made it impossible for people to play their roles in life the way they want to. That's why a lot of things don't turn out the way people hope and why people's hearts have been deeply hurt enduring hardships. Because of this, people then form different human notions as they fight their fates.

We should know that all the arrangements throughout human history happened for today's Fa-rectification. Even the human notions we formed over the course of many lifetimes were intentionally created by the old forces so that they could easily control people during the Fa-rectification period. The old forces can use the human notions hiding deep within our minds to manipulate us. Their purpose is to interfere with Dafa disciples and Teacher's Fa-rectification. The things they can take advantage of are the thoughts that we are often unaware of and the situations where we can't think according to the Fa. That is why we are sometimes confused.

Where do human thoughts come from? Sometimes it is difficult to know. You can be keenly aware of a thought's purpose, while, at the same time, easily overlook the motivation for the thought from deep within your mind. But, that "motivation" is precisely most important because it relates to the issue of whether it is really your thought or not. If you have carefully thought about it, then that is really your thought. Our impure thoughts are what provide the spaces where the old forces live. We all know that our bodies correspond to the huge cosmic body and countless sentient beings, and that we are beings that were created in the old, selfish universe. As we have walked our paths up to today, we have carried within our bodies all the notions and concepts of the old universe. So, what we face today is the collision of the old universe's concepts carried in the bodies of the countless sentient beings and the principles of Falun Dafa carried in our own minds. Each one of our thoughts corresponds to a huge group of living beings. Either we let go of our old "conceptions" and assimilate to Dafa, or we let our old "conceptions" control us while we wait to be disintegrated. Some thoughts appear to be minor decisions, but even the smallest choice we make decides the fates of countless sentient beings and whether they will be saved or will be eliminated. After countless sentient beings assimilate to Dafa, they can go into the new universe.

The interference arranged by the old forces is hidden inside our human notions. Therefore, we need to strengthen our righteous thoughts through studying the Fa. With righteous thoughts, we can remove those bad concepts and clean up our own dimensions. We also need to overcome our deviant thoughts and replace them with righteous thoughts. In this way, the old forces will have no place to hide and your firmament will be fully lit up by the Fa. It is up to each of us to make this happen. Help from others can only play a small part. Changing our own hearts is what's most important.

Since we have come this far in our cultivation, we should be more mature. We should take each of our thoughts seriously. When a bad thought first emerges, we should immediately resolve it. The thoughts that we encounter are not simply what we see on the surface. Each thought truly exists in our bodies at the microscopic level. It is to see whether we can identify them no matter how they appear. Since our bodies correspond to the large cosmic body and countless sentient beings, when we identify these notions and correct them, we can save the countless sentient beings there.

This is my understanding at my level.