(Clearwisdom.net) I am a 57-year-old practitioner from Shuangcheng, Dandong City, Liaoning Province. Before practicing Falun Dafa, I didn't believe that gods existed, and didn't believe in supernatural beings, or that karma exists. I was brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party, and sought to bring others down. Because I had too many bad attachments, of seeking power, selfishness, and profit, I carried a lot of karma my whole life. I had heart disease, prostatitis, pancreatitis, stomach trouble, liver disease, gallbladder problems, and so on.

Last year I went to chop wood, and broke my left leg because I wasn't paying attention. I went to the hospital but they couldn't help me. Later, my right leg became numb and I felt an unbearable pain. I went to various clinics and spent a lot of money, but instead of easing my pain, they made it worse. My family then borrowed money so I could go to a prominent hospital. There the doctor told me I was in the final stages of serious angiitis, and they would have to remove my leg. It would cost at least 40,000 yuan and they could not guarantee positive results.

This was horrible news for me, and I had many sleepless nights. My family kept a close watch on me, as they feared I would kill myself. My wife and family talked me into visiting a private angiitis clinic. The doctor there checked me very carefully and concluded that my disease was too far along to cure. I felt hopeless, but the doctor looked at me and said, "You may want to practice Falun Gong. If you do, I promise you will be cured." I saw his sincerity and faith, and his gesture made a deep impression on me.

I went home with books and CDs that he had given me, worried but sort of happy. I still had many doubts about practicing, but I didn't have enough money to cure my disease, and the result wasn't guaranteed. I had no other choice. I didn't know whether practicing would cure my disease, and I thought it was too magical to be true. But this was my last resort, so I decided to practice Falun Gong.

My eldest daughter brought me a MP3 player, and I took it with me everywhere. I listened to the audio files of Master's lectures whenever I had time, and learned the practice. When I did some simple exercise movements, I felt energy flowing through my body. In June, two months after I began practicing, I went to Dandong Hospital to check with the same doctor that I had first consulted. He told me that my angiitis was fully cured. Old skin on my feet had sloughed off, and I was now better.

I appreciate Master and Dafa from the bottom of my heart. I couldn't help but cry because I know my disease, which would have killed me, is now gone. More than that, all the other medical problems I had disappeared within two months. The doctor said sincerely, "We could not achieve this result even using the best medicine and techniques in the hospital. Falun Gong is wonderful!"

This reality, my health, my family's reunion, and my new lease on life, can't be expressed in words. I have to study the Fa well and do the three things well to thank Master. I think this is my way, as a new practitioner, to thank Master.

Through months of practice, I truly felt Falun Dafa's wonder and seriousness. And I know that as a new practitioner, I still have a lot to learn. I have many attachments and desires that I must use righteous thoughts to eliminate. More importantly, I have to have faith to practice to the end.

From now on, I will practice until the end. No matter what other people say or what the CCP tries to do to stop me, I will conduct myself strictly using the Fa's standard. I will read more and do well the three things, follow Dafa, and become a qualified Dafa practitioner.


Thank you Master!
Thank you Falun Dafa!
Thank you fellow practitioners who helped me!