(Clearwisdom.net) On August 11, the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom) published the eBook Milarepa's Cultivation Story. I recently read it again for the third time.

In 1996 I read this book for the first time. I was in tears from the beginning to the end. Seeing Milarepa's firm determination in pursuing the Buddha Fa, strictly adhering to and carrying out his Master's words without any hesitation, placing his full trust in his master to resolutely "abandon all human attachments," enduring all kinds of hardship in cultivation, the magnificence of achieving consummation, all left me stunned and shocked. After reading the book, I had a different perspective and rational understanding of "cultivation" and "a human cultivating to become a God." With Milarepa's Buddhist practice like this, I myself as a Dafa disciple should treasure that I am able to obtain Dafa in this human body. Becoming a Dafa practitioner is a very rare opportunity that one cannot find in ten thousand years; therefore, we cannot slack off in cultivation. We must place our faith in Dafa, to practice cultivation. Then one can be "spiritually and physically reborn."

I remembered the old times when we studied the Fa, practiced the exercises and spread Dafa daily. When we encountered conflicts we looked inward and examined ourselves to improve our xinxing (which also helped to lay a solid foundation for cultivation practice during the Fa-rectification period). I could feel the progression of human attachments being eliminated one by one and the original true nature ascending little by little in cultivation. I still remember, during experience sharing with fellow practitioners, that I described my cultivation experience as: "Apart from when I'm sleeping, I have the feeling that I'm in the state of purification all the time. Genuinely practicing cultivation is really good."

The second time I read Milarepa's Cultivation Story was in early July 1999. A few days after the April 25 appeal, several people came to the exercise site. We knew they were plainclothes officers, coming to collect information and materials. We treated them with a peaceful attitude. We taught them the exercises when they wanted to learn them, we introduced Falun Gong to them when they wanted to know. I know this was safeguarding Dafa. Those days we all felt that the situation of practicing cultivation was getting more severe. Actually, how could an atheistic party allow so many people to practice the Buddha Fa? I am aware that a big test awaits the cultivator. I said to myself that I must do well, be firm, and be able to confront challenges.

Today, after re-reading Milarepa's Cultivation Story, and looking back at my cultivation experience during the personal cultivation period, and my cultivation process during the Fa-rectification period, I would like to share two points that I have enlightened to. One point is "firmness in practicing cultivation." Regardless of any obstacles or tribulations, we must "Steadfastly cultivate Dafa, the will unflinching" ("True Nature Revealed" from Essentials for Further Advancement II ). We must practice Dafa until we reach consummation, with our wills unmoved. Another point is "do exactly what Master says," without any conditions, without the slightest doubt. We must absolutely trust in Master and the Fa, without compromise. We must study the Fa more, study the Fa well, then carry out what Master requires.

Above are my thoughts after re-reading, Milarepa's Cultivation Story. At present, Fa-rectification is moving forward rapidly. We must recognize that cultivation is serious, and realize the urgency of saving sentient beings, and the enormous responsibility of Dafa disciples. Let us treasure the remaining time that is left for us, genuinely practice cultivation, discard human notions, assist Master in the Fa-rectification, and do better in saving sentient beings.