Mr. Jiang Yongsheng, a Falun Dafa practitioner, is a high school teacher in Fuyu County in Jilin Province. The Chinese Communist Party illegally sentenced him, and he is now in Jiutai Forced Labor Camp. Because of how he has been treated there, Mr. Jiang is very ill. Labor camp officials do not allow his family to visit him and have refused to release Mr. Jiang on medical parole, so he can't get proper medical treatment.

Mr. Jiang is 39 years old and taught at the Sanjingzi Township Vocational High School in Fuyu County.

On September 24, 2009, Luo Hongjian, the head of the National Security Division of Fuyu County, and seven others went to the Sanjingzi Township Vocational High School. They arrested Mr. Jiang, who was working at the school. Without following any proper legal procedures, they took Mr. Jiang to Jiutai Forced Labor Camp and illegally detained him. In October 2009, the National Security Division of Fuyu County conspired with Jiutai Forced Labor Camp to sentence Mr. Jiang to the forced labor camp for two years.

Mr. Jiang suffered both mentally and physically in the camp and became ill. Beginning in February 2010, his heartbeat increased, he had problems breathing, he couldn't speak loudly, and his blood pressure wasn't normal, either. Loud voices made him feel anxious and his heartbeat would increase. He wasn't able to take care of himself. The labor camp designated three people to monitor him closely. Aware of his situation, his family asked to have him released on medical parole so he could get proper medical treatment. But Jiutai Forced Labor Camp didn't allow it. They even refused to let his family visit him.

In July 2010, Mr. Jiang called his family and told them he had a fever and could barely breathe. He was taken out to a hospital. It turned out that he had TB. Labor camp officials gave him medicine but Mr. Jiang did not get well. Instead, he started to throw up, has back pain, and has blood in his urine and stool.

Mr. Jiang's family is very worried. They have repeatedly requested to take Mr. Jiang for medical treatment. Jiutai Forced Labor Camp claims that Mr. Jiang is not qualified to be released on parole and therefore have refused to let him out.

Mr. Jiang's family is calling for help to obtain justice and help stop Jiutai Forced Labor Camp from persecuting Jiang Yongsheng and other Falun Dafa practitioners.

Contact information of those directly involved in persecuting Jiang Yongsheng:

Shi Qiang, chairman of the Jiutai Forced Labor Camp: 86-13930333318 (Cell)
Shi Chunguang, with the Management Department at Jiutai Forced Labor Camp: 86-13630548524 (Cell)
Peng Yong, head of the squads at Jiutai Forced Labor Camp: 86-13314315588 (Cell)
Luo Hongjian, head of the National Security Division of Fuyu County
Zhang Shibo, with the local 610 Office in Sanjingzi Township, Fuyu County: 86-13804386252 (Cell)
Zhang Yihui, principal of Sanjingzi Township Vocational High School, Fuyu County: 86-13894168436 (Cell)