After reading the Clearwisdom article "Practitioners in China Should Take the Fa as Teacher When Handling the Issue Regarding Coordinators" (http://www.clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2010/9/15/120004.html), I would like to voice my support of this view. Prior to the persecution, which started in July 1999, the local coordinators and assistants were also in the stage of personal cultivation. The assistants and coordinators were chosen because of their skills and enthusiasm, not because of their cultivation state. Everyone is on an even playing field when it comes to the cultivation of xinxing. We all need to improve our understanding through regular Fa study and cultivation in our daily lives. After the persecution started, especially over the last decade of Fa-rectification period cultivation, we can see that many former assistants and coordinators have not cultivated well. Yet many practitioners with strong attachments still treat these former coordinators and assistants the same as before, namely, following them unconditionally, out of emotion and blind faith, instead of based on the Fa. For example, there were recent fund-raising activities in Mainland China that resulted in great damage. Some practitioners were led astray because they put too much faith in a few coordinators, without realizing that these coordinators also had strong attachments and had deviated from the Fa. The evil took advantage of their gaps. These coordinators indeed behaved poorly during the whole chain of events. They did what they did out of selfishness and self-protection, instead of being responsible for the Fa and the practitioners. On the other hand, didn't the practitioners' attachment to the coordinators and assistants also contribute to their failure?

Master was clear in his July 2010 lecture in Washington, DC, that his comments on coordinators were concerning practitioners outside of China and not in Mainland China. However, many practitioners from China still try to use Master's words as an excuse. This is irrational. They have intentionally misinterpreted Master's words. This is surely going to interfere with their cultivation and the three things they are supposed to do. I hope all practitioners can let go of their human attachments and use the limited time left well to save people.

I hope Mainland Chinese practitioners can treat the Fa as Master on the issue of coordinators and not let our emotions and lack of understanding cause additional losses.