(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Jiang Yanling, a practitioner from Chengguan Township, was arrested by officers from the Domestic Security Division of Yi County Public Security Bureau, Liaoning Province, on December 22, 2009. She has been held at the Jinzhou City Detention Center for over eight months. When her family visited her on July 27, 2010, she said her hands and feet had no feeling in them due to torture she had been subjected to since her arrest.

Officers from Jinzhou Detention Center have sent Ms. Jiang to Liaoning Women's Prison twice, but she was not accepted on both occasions due to her severe health condition, which was a direct result of the torture.

When Ms. Jiang was seriously ill at the detention center, a dozen or so members of her family went to visit her in the early morning of August 30, 2010. When they arrived, deputy manager Cui Xiang and a guard called Jin refused to allow the visit. They said, "Ms. Jiang is not well. Her blood pressure is very high, so we can't give her the medicine you brought to help her. We have been giving her our medicine instead." They continued to say how bad her health was and how they were worried about her. When Ms. Jiang's family asked for her release to obtain medical treatment, Cui Xiang said, "Her condition is not bad enough to release her, and we don't have that authority anyway."

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Those responsible for persecuting Ms. Jiang Yanling:
Jinzhou Detention Center: 86-416-3708086
Cong Jiansheng, head of Yi County 610 Office: 86-416-7711610 (office), 86-416-2769099 (home), 13591280260 (cell)
Ma Yu, officer: 86-416-2782077 (home), 13358752229 (cell)