(Clearwisdom.net) A few fellow practitioners and I recently helped another practitioner (an elderly lady whom I will call "A") overcome her sickness karma in a seven-day period of time. I'd like to share our experiences below.

Day 1

I was studying the Fa at night when a fellow practitioner asked me to go see practitioner A, who had remained bedridden for the past two days. I rushed to her home and joined three other practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts for her. We did this together twice, the first time for one hour and the second time for nearly 30 minutes. However, she didn't seem to improve at all.

I said to her daughter and son-in-law, who were also present, "You'd better stay with your mother tonight. It would be great if you could close your family business tomorrow and come to study the Fa with her and send forth righteous thoughts for her at the top of every hour. Continue doing this until she is completely fine." (However, after the next few days, I found out that the young couple, who had both practiced Falun Gong at one point, decided to go out every day to tend to their business.)

Day 2

I went to practitioner A's home early in the day to share understandings of the Fa with her, hoping to help her identify anything that did not conform to Dafa. I returned after lunch to send forth righteous thoughts for her for about half an hour. It was very difficult for me to do this alone, and I sometimes even dozed off. I called in the three practitioners who were with A at her home the night before. They came over in the afternoon and studied the Fa with A and sent forth righteous thoughts for her at the top of every hour while I went to work.

Day 3

The same three practitioners and I went to send forth righteous thoughts for practitioner A for one hour before lunch, and for another hour after lunch. We noticed that she gradually improved with our effort. While we were sending forth righteous thoughts, her son and daughter-in-law (both non-practitioners) came to visit her, and they were very worried about her.

Day 4

I went to practitioner A's home after lunch, but nobody answered the door. So I turned to her neighbor who was one of the practitioners that had been helping her. The neighbor called her, and she soon joined us to share understandings. We were happy to see she was getting much better.

Day 5

We were too busy to visit practitioner A and learned the next day from her daughter and son-in-law that her condition had suddenly deteriorated on this day. She also seemed to have developed new symptoms.

Day 6

The four of us who had been sending forth righteous thoughts for practitioner A got together to share thoughts on how to better help her.

Day 7

I was happy to see that practitioner A had completely recovered when I went to her home in the morning. She was in fact about to go out to clarify the truth.

Some Realizations

During the past seven days, all of us involved have gained deeper understandings of the Fa and have come to new realizations.

First, it is living beings in other dimensions that are causing trouble for the practitioner who is exhibiting an abnormal state. The manifestation of those beings' interference in this human world is just an illusion. When we send forth righteous thoughts to help the affected practitioner, we should all think to enter those other dimensions to eliminate those beings by using the divine powers Master bestowed upon us. If we fail to directly target those beings, we cannot remove them at all, nor can we truly help the practitioner return to normal.

In other words, if we simply treat the superficial manifestation of interference from other dimensions with a human mentality, it is impossible for us to weed out the root problem of the practitioner's abnormal state.

We also came to realize that any interference in our Fa-validation and truth-clarification activities, be it from the 610 Office, judicial departments, police departments, or other government units, all originate from evil beings in other dimensions.

If more and more Dafa disciples know to use the divine powers Master gave us to eradicate evil beings in other dimensions, the environment we are in will become much better.

Second, any abnormal state (in general) for a practitioner is an indication that he has either failed to follow Master's teachings or not reached the standards set by Master.

Master has arranged for His Fashen and Fa-guarding gods to protect Dafa disciples in other dimensions. If we follow Master's teachings and have reached the standards, no beings dare to even touch us, or else they'd be eliminated by Master's Fashen and Fa-guarding gods.

If a Dafa disciple fails to follow Master's requirements to study the Fa with a calm mind, the profound meanings of the Fa won't be revealed to him, and he won't be able to see the gap between himself and the requirements of the Fa at different stages during the Fa-rectification process. As a result, it will be difficult for him to break free from his abnormal state.

A Dafa disciple's cultivation state is a manifestation of his xinxing level. The higher the xinxing level, the better the cultivation state. Master's Fashen and Fa-guarding gods only protect disciples that conform to Dafa requirements. Evil beings only dare to interfere with disciples that fail to meet the standard. When we send forth righteous thoughts to help those in the midst of a tribulation, we should also make an effort to help them improve from the standpoint of Fa.

Third, there is always an element in our fellow practitioner's tribulation for us to improve in ourselves. If we fail to look within and change ourselves, we may complicate the situation. Our fellow practitioner with an abnormal state is already facing a severe tribulation and has great difficulty passing the test alone. Therefore, we should not blame him, but instead should care about him and treat his tribulation as our own. Since we are not interfered with by evil beings in other dimensions at that moment, we can fully utilize this advantage to help our fellow practitioner. At the same time it is important to realize that there must be something for us to rectify within ourselves, since we are also seeing our fellow practitioner's trouble. Our cultivation state will influence his, and only by improving ourselves, can we better help him pass his tribulation.

Take, as an example, our 7-day experience of helping practitioner A. At the beginning we lacked a good understanding of the purpose of helping her, and we failed to treat her problem as ours. At one point some of us even proposed sending her to the hospital. We were concerned that sending forth righteous thoughts for her was too time-consuming, but at the same time we hoped to increase our gong by helping her. After realizing that our incorrect thinking didn't work, we adjusted ourselves and began to see better results of our sending forth righteous thoughts for her. It is our understanding that everything we do should be in compliance with Master's arrangements and can therefore help validate Dafa, protect fellow practitioners, and create a more favorable environment to save sentient beings.

Lastly, the power of sending forth righteous thoughts comes from the Fa. The stronger the righteous thought, the greater its power to eradicate evil elements in other dimensions, and the shorter time it takes.

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