(Clearwisdom.net) I was illegally sentenced to forced labor by the Communist regime for persisting in my belief. On my release, I was dismissed from my job. I wanted to rent out my unused garage and use the money to pay for the exorbitant property costs. I posted my phone number on the garage door and wrote the words "garage for lease" in the hope that someone would contact me. Winter went by and no one enquired about the garage. The piece of paper was nearly blown off by the wind. I thought, let the wind blow, if the ad gets blown away, I won't replace it. I no longer had much hope of leasing out the garage.

It wasn't easy to find a job either. The workplaces were either too far from home or the workload was too great. I did not want to sacrifice valuable time for Fa-rectification cultivation in exchange for more money. I wanted to have time to do the three things but I still needed a source of income. Why wasn't I able to lease out my garage? On the surface, it appeared that because this is a new residential area, the occupancy rate is low. However was there a deeper reason?

My days in the forced labor camp were really bitter. Every time I thought of the persecution suffered in prison, in my heart, I would always bear resentment towards the evil guards. I didn't want that. Cultivators should be compassionate. Instead of harboring a mindset of anger and resentment, practitioners should disintegrate the evil and stop the guards in labor camps from committing crimes against Dafa disciples. Only then can those deluded by the evil and more sentient beings be saved. How could I disintegrate the evil? Expose it! That's right, I had to expose it! It had already been six months since I left the labor camp. Why had I still not exposed the evil in that horrible place? Wasn't this a loophole for the old forces to take advantage of?

I asked Master for the wisdom and strength to dissolve my anger and write articles exposing the evil with a calm mind. I switched on the computer and started to type. The phone suddenly rang and I picked it up. A voice said: "How do you do, I would like to rent your garage."

I finally leased out my garage and on the day I received my first rent, my article was published on the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net). Not long after, a very flexible part-time position came knocking at my door and my days of poverty ended.