(Clearwisdom.net) I have read several articles discussing fellow practitioners' experiences of "solitary cultivation" and I have a feeling that we haven't seen the depth of this issue. I spent nearly six years without any contact with other practitioners. I didn't have access to the Clearwisdom website either, so I had no way of reading Master's lectures and didn't know about the lecture on sending forth righteous thoughts. I tried many ways to find other practitioners, but couldn't find them even after I was able to access the Clearwisdom website. When I finally came into contact with some practitioners whom I had met before, some of them doubted me.

As I thought about how to create one body with other practitioners during the 11 years of the persecution, I realized that I would not have been alone and unable to find other practitioners if the persecution did not exist. I think that some practitioners' idea of "solitary cultivation" doesn't completely negate the old forces' arrangement and their destructive "tests" for practitioners.

I also looked for my own attachments and reasons why I could not eliminate the evil and in the process realized that I could do things with my supernormal abilities. I would usually hold a thought that no evil being could block or persecute me for several days before doing some important activity. Sometimes I also sent forth a thought that nobody could see me. As a result, I came through unharmed.

While I found many attachments during that time, I couldn't find the one that the old forces had tightly grasped. I was still concerned that I only had Zhuan Falun and couldn't obtain Master's newer lectures, and I was also sad that I couldn't get in touch with other practitioners. After several years, I realized that it was my attachment that was blocking my progress in resolving these issues: I should cultivate my xinxing and not look outward or seek external solutions. Then I no longer felt lonely when I looked within and cultivated myself every day, and I didn't have much time to feel lonely. I was determined to obtain Master's lectures and get in touch with other practitioners.

One day, I finally realized my problem: I had been questioning whether or not I could achieve consummation, so I had been attached to the goal of reaching my own consummation. I then asked myself if I could firmly believe in Master and Dafa. The answer was yes. Once I sent forth this righteous thought, the barrier that had blocked my way collapsed easily and everything changed. I was finally able to access the Clearwisdom website. Since then, I have studied Master's lectures systematically and read many experience-sharing articles throughout the years.

Now, I feel like I am constantly leaping forward. It feels like there's a force helping me to break through one notion after another and cultivate diligently. The more I cultivate myself, the more gaps I see and the more responsibility I feel. I no longer take it to heart when some fellow practitioners doubt me, because I completely oppose everything arranged by the old forces. I only walk the path arranged by Master. I know greatness is in front of me, even though I haven't yet walked to the end of the path. I only need to cultivate myself and my xinxing and do the three things well to fulfill my prehistoric vows.

Every practitioner has different attachments, barriers, and paths, but we can't be attached to finding fellow practitioners' attachments. We should check to see if our stance is righteous. Everything can change if we cultivate away our human notions, study the Fa more, save more sentient beings, and do the three things well. As we become more mature in our cultivation, we will form an indestructible one body, and nobody would dare to persecute us! My understanding is limited, please point out anything incorrect.