(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Tian Huiying, a Falun Gong practitioner from Maoming City, Guangdong Province, was arrested on February 15, 2004. The persecution that she suffered in the Guangdong Province Shanshui Women's Forced Labor Camp left her emaciated and led to her death on July 6, 2005. The labor camp authorities claimed that she died in a car accident, compensated her family 30,000 yuan (about USD$4429), and cremated her body to close the case, washing their hands free of any allegations.

The following are details of how she was treated in Shanshui Women's Forced Labor Camp before her death:

Around June-August 2004, Ms. Tian was sent to the Third Division (Striking Hard Division) of the Shanshui Women's Forced Labor Camp and held in a small cell on the fourth floor. From her personal account, the guards deprived her of sleep and forced her to kneel on the floor for 44 days. They tried to force her to write the so-called three statements. Sun, the division head, often humiliated her verbally. When everything failed, the guards coaxed her by promising her that she would be released to return to her three children as soon as she wrote the statements. (Ms. Tian had been detained for a very long term in a brainwashing center prior to the labor camp.) After she wrote the statements against her will, they moved her to the second floor and continued persecuting her.

She repeatedly asked to see Sun and to be released, but was always turned down. She asked the guards to call her home for her (at the time none of the practitioners in the Third Division were allowed to call home) to check on her family. Each time the guards told her that her family had abandoned her, that her husband wanted to divorce her, and that her children had forgotten her. Under such mental and physical devastation, she often woke up with nightmares. Gradually, she started mooning about.

Instigated by guard Gu Yuhong, inmates Zhou Xiaoxia and Zhang Xiao watched Ms. Tian's every move and often repeatedly beat her, leaving her full of bruises. One day, they drove Ms. Tian to such extreme pain that she showed symptoms of a mental collapse. Gu Yuhong suspected that she was faking her mental state, so she ordered the two inmates to use the carrot-and-stick tactic on her, making her condition even worse. Under other practitioners' strong denunciations, the evildoers restrained themselves a bit. One day, overhearing that Ms. Tian wanted to go home, division head Sun dragged her to the entrance of the solitary confinement cell and threatened to lock her up. In addition, Sun forced her to have her blood drawn many times.

As a result of these inhumane tortures, Ms. Tian suffered a complete mental collapse. Before long, she was transferred to the Second Division. Many people saw her sitting in the dining hall staring blankly and not eating anything. She was emaciated to the point of deformation.

One day on my way to the dining hall, I saw Ms. Tian walk up to a guard of the Second Division and say something. The guard spat at her, and two drug offenders started beating her in front of everybody. The practitioners from the Third Division and other inmates were shocked and shouted at the thugs to protest the violence in broad daylight. That was the last time I saw Ms. Tian.