(Clearwisdom.net) On March 17, 2010, Team 3 and Team 1 in Shanxi Women's Forced Labor Camp became one team. The special team (Team 3), which dealt with persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, has been dissolved. However, the system is now in place in Team 1, and the persecution is still going on.

There are 28 Falun Gong practitioners in Team 1: nine from Beijing (including Ms. Wang Xiurong and Ms. Wang Xingsheng) and 17 from Shanxi Province. Most of them persist in their belief or have publicly retracted their repentance statements.

Four practitioners from Team 1 are now in one group. Ms. Lin Shumin and Ms. Liu Ying are in group 7; Ms. Ji Guozhen is in group 8; and Ms. Luo, Ms. Liu, and another five practitioners are in group 6. Ms. Yu Guiying, Ms. Cao, and others from Beijing are in group 5.

Liu Zhongmei and Chen Chunxiang, who are the team leaders and political assistants, are the main coordinators of the persecution. They abuse their power and have placed Falun Gong practitioners in solitary confinement six times in two months. On April 9, Liu and others beat practitioner Ms. Shi Guiying because she forgot to wear her name tag and then confined her for two weeks. In April, they confined practitioner Ms. An Xiaorun for two weeks, saying that she could only get out if she did calisthenics and attended brainwashing sessions. They confined Ms. Shi Guiying again not long afterwards, because she refused to undergo brainwashing or do calisthenics. They released her after the forced labor camp experienced pressure from practitioners from outside China.

As soon as practitioners Ms. An Xiaorun, Ms. Wang Haixia and others from Shanxi Province arrived at the camp, they were forced to remain standing all night. When prisoners in the team were engaged in outdoor labor, Liu Zhongmei made them stand in the burning sun for two to three hours at a time. Practitioner Ms. Wang Xia was tortured for one to two months at the beginning of her term, being abused by Liu Ruiying and Zhang Xi.

Right now all the practitioners who refuse to participate in singing Communist Party songs or who will not repeat the camp oath (with the exception of Ms. Lin Shumin, Ms. Liu Ying, and Ms. Ji Guozhen) are detained in the exercise room and forced to sit on a bench. They are forced to sit upright without moving, are forbidden to rest, and can only go back to their cells at night. These practitioners are between 45 and 69 years old. Ms. Wang Xiuying has been spitting up blood because of the constant torture. The abuse at the forced labor camp continues today.