(Clearwisdom.net) In May 2008, I returned to my hometown to clarify the facts and encourage people to quit the Chinese Communist Party. A lot of people understood the truth about Falun Gong, became clear on the evil nature of the CCP, and withdrew from the three Party organizations.

The Olympics were approaching and the CCP had ordered public security personnel and police in all regions to arrest and detain Falun Gong practitioners. Because of my determination in cultivating Falun Dafa, I became a focus of the surveillance and control measures in my region. The phone in my house and the houses of various relatives were tapped. This way they knew my movements and arrested me when I went to my parents' home, then put me in a forced labor camp for a year. I was aided by Teacher's merciful protection, and my fellow practitioners sent righteous thoughts to clear out the evil. With righteous thoughts and actions I was able to completely negate the old forces' arrangements and return to the current of Fa-rectification.

Here I would like to relate how I was able to change those persecuting me by persistently clarifying the facts.

The police wanted to arrest me, but didn't know the exact address of my parents' house. But the town government secretary Zeng Zhi (alias) and I grew up in the same village. He quietly led the police to my house and had me arrested and taken to the police station. After I was arrested, neighbors and friends in the area all knew it was Zeng Zhi that guided the police there, and those who understood the truth scolded him for his dishonorable behavior. A neighbor who practices Falun Gong sought him out and spoke to him directly. "Falun Gong practitioners follow Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance and try to be good people," the neighbor told him. "This is infinitely beneficial to the country, society, people, and families and does not do one bit of harm. But this group of good people has come under cruel persecution from the Communist Party." This practitioner also told him about the crimes committed by the CCP over the past 60 years, such as the land revolution against landlords and "rich peasants" in the countryside, "business reforms" that involved killing business owners, and movements to repress religious believers, smash temples, and kill monks and priests. She spoke about the political movements that killed large numbers of scholars, the mass starvation after the Great Leap Forward that killed at least 30 million peasants, the Cultural Revolution, the Tiananmen Square Massacre, and now the persecution of Falun Gong. Under the systematic control of the Communist Party, 80 million Chinese people have died unnecessarily. Now people are awakening, a lot of people have become clear about the evil nature of the CCP, and more than 70 million people have quit the Party. The Communist Party is rotten and corrupt, and has no way to escape its steady disintegration. Its days are numbered.

Zeng Zhi became clear about the facts and was shaken to the core. He said he would never again participate in the persecution of Falun Gong. Recently I went back to my parents' house for a birthday party, and Zeng Zhi and his wife were there. I clarified the truth to my fellow townsfolk at the party, and gave informational materials to each person. When I gave them to Zeng Zhi's wife, she was about to reject them when Zeng Zhi hurriedly told her, "Quickly take them and put them away. We should learn a lesson from our past at this point." His wife took the materials and Zeng Zhi thanked me. I was truly to happy to see the change in them.

Teacher said,

"Everything that Dafa disciples are doing today is for the sake of saving people. Otherwise what are you doing it for? Clarifying the truth in an upright and open manner are the very things Dafa disciples should do. I'm also telling you that all beings in today's world came for the sake of the Fa. If you want a being to clearly understand this point, you should go and clarify the truth to him. It is a master key, the key that can unlock that thing all beings have had sealed off for a long time and been awaiting for ages." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference")

Clarifying the truth is truly the key to untying the knots in peoples' hearts. Whether it is the average man or woman on the street, or those participating in the persecution of Falun Gong, as soon as they become clear about the truth, they will make sober choices and lay a foundation for their future. This opportunity that is hard to come by even after waiting thousands of years, is now before us. Dafa practitioners are helping Teacher to rectify the Fa. We will definitely break through the barriers that are holding us back, and walk out and clarify the truth in an upright and dignified manner, saving even more sentient beings.