(Clearwisdom) After I finished bathing on May 1, 2009, my granddaughter said that my mouth looked crooked and my husband said that my eye was drooping. I looked in the mirror and found that it was indeed so. My eye and mouth felt numb. Afterward, water dribbled out of my mouth when I drank and grains of rice fell from my mouth when I ate. My left eye would not shut, I could not blink, and my vision was not good. I slept with one eye open and one eye shut.

The next day my husband recommended that I try acupuncture, and I agreed with him without hesitation. More than 20 needles, each two inches long, were inserted into my face. It was very painful and difficult to endure. I went for treatment every day, traveling 60 kilometers (37 miles) by bus for over five hours, but there was no improvement.

One day I ran into a fellow practitioner. We discussed my situation according to the Fa principles. She said, "You should look within and see where you fall short, find where you are incorrect, and you will become well right away."

After I returned home, I pondered what the practitioner had said and began to look within. I looked at my recent actions, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, and assessed them with the principles of the Fa. Finally, I found where I was not acting in accordance with the Fa. I remembered that an older lady in the acupuncture clinic told me that she was able to fall asleep better after having acupuncture. Since I also had trouble falling asleep, I then thought that maybe acupuncture could help me with this issue as well. Sure enough, after having acupuncture I was able to sleep better. Then I thought, "This is really effective. If my mouth became crooked and my eye drooped earlier, then I would have come for acupuncture earlier and would have solved my sleep problem earlier."

I suddenly realized that these thoughts were not correct. I wasn't regarding myself as a Falun Gong practitioner. I had forgotten that I was a cultivator, and was using everyday people's principles to resolve cultivation issues. Birth, old age, illness, and death are conditions of everyday people, who, when they become ill, they should seek treatment. But I am no longer an everyday person--I am a cultivator--yet I still believed that I was ill. Master told us that practitioners don't have illnesses. After I understood this, I became very excited and rushed to get dressed. When I came out of the bathroom, I told my husband, "I figured out where I was wrong!"

As I finished speaking, I felt my mouth twitching incessantly from the left to right. I looked into the mirror and saw my mouth return to normal little by little--it only took a few minutes. I wept as I spoke, "Master is taking care of me! Master has not forgotten me! Thank you Master!"

Even though I had acupuncture and took medicine at the hospital for 64 days, my crooked mouth and drooping eye showed no improvement. But by looking within, it was easily remedied within a few minutes. My steadfast determination to practice increased after personally experiencing this miracle. My husband, who had given up the practice, also decided to take up the path of cultivation again after seeing the changes in me. Recently, I have not needed to wear the glasses that I had worn for many years.

With the help of fellow practitioners, I've learned to look within. I'd like to remind fellow practitioners to participate in group Fa study and sharing. Through group discussion, we can accelerate our understandings and improve together.