(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zheng Lanrui and her husband, Mr. Song Jianmin, both 56 years old, are practitioners from Zhengding County in Hebei Province. Ms. Zheng Lanrui is a retired county government official, and her husband is an official for the Zhengding County military department. When they both started to practice Falun Gong in 1997, Ms. Zheng's health improved dramatically, and both started following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

They were arrested by officers Cai Shengli, Zhang Ruiyu, and Yu Ligang from the Zhengding County Police Department in the autumn of 2000, and their home was ransacked. Mr. Song was released after being held for two days, but Ms. Zheng was detained in the Zhengding County Detention Center.

In an attempt to force Ms. Zheng to renounce her belief, Hu Jun from the Zhengding County 610 Office tortured her, and she was also beaten by several other people. She was seriously injured and unable to eat. Within a month, her health quickly deteriorated and she had lost a lot of weight. The police had no choice but to release her, as they did not want to be held responsible if she died in their custody.

Cai Shengli, Zhang Ruiyu, and Yu Ligang arrested Ms. Zheng while she was working on June 28, 2001. They took her back to her home and forced her husband to open the door. They arrested him and confiscated their money and personal belongings, which included Mr. Song's car. The couple were then sent to Zhengding County Detention Center, where Cai Shengli, Zhang Ruiyu, Yu Ligang, and other officers beat them with electric batons for more than 12 hours.

Ms. Zheng and Mr. Song still refused to give up their belief, so Ms. Zheng was transferred to Xinle City Detention Center and Mr. Song was transferred to Lingshou County Detention Center. Ms. Zheng's health quickly deteriorated, and by November 2001, she weighed less than 30 kilograms (66 lb.) and was close to dying. Officials at the Xinle City Detention Center did not want to be responsible for her death, so they took her back to Zhengding County Detention Center.

Officials at the detention center were also afraid of being held responsible for her, so Ms. Zheng was transferred to the county hospital. Instead of receiving medical treatment, she was monitored closely by agents at the hospital. Several days later, Hu Jun thought that Ms. Zheng would soon die, and so allowed her family to take her back home. Mr. Song, however, was secretly sentenced to ten years in the First Prison of Baoding City, and his family was not allowed to visit him.

Ms. Zheng's condition was so severe that she was bedridden for more than seven years, and her daughter and son had to constantly look after her. Her daughter was studying in a high school, and had to work part-time in order to support the family. Her son was in elementary school, and had to miss a lot of classes to take care of his mother and do the housework.

Hu Jun sent officers from Chengguan Police Station to ransack Ms. Zheng's home again on August 10, 2010. They confiscated her money and personal belongings, then took her to Chengguan Police Station. She was later transferred to Zhengding County Detention Center.

Many government workers in Zhengding County have been persecuted because they practice Falun Gong. Mr. Shang Kunfeng, former deputy head of Zhending County, was sentenced to ten years in a prison.