(Clearwisdom.net) I am a 60-year-old farmer. This year I felt Master Li cleansing my body and could sense his compassion in doing so.

I was very sick this spring, had no appetite, and there was bloating in my stomach and generalized swelling. My daughters sent me to the hospital in the city, and I was diagnosed with nephritis. The doctor gave me medication for the next seven days, both intravenous and oral pills. Since there was no bed for me at the hospital, I was told to go home, finish the medication and come back later for a follow-up.

My body had no noticeable improvement after seven days. The doctor changed his approach and observed me for another three days, and my condition got even worse. The attending physician suggested transferring me to a different hospital for a complete check-up and treatment. I spent one month in the hospital and paid over 27,000 yuan RMB, and I still did not improve. My albumin reading was 18 (36 is normal).

I did not want to waste any more of my children's money, so I insisted on being discharged from the hospital. My wife had started practicing Falun Gong in 1997, and she always tried to convince me to practice Falun Dafa. I knew that Falun Dafa was good, but I never genuinely cultivated. When I had spare time, I read Zhuan Falun and other Dafa books, and I would also do the five exercises with my wife when I was free.

To tell you the truth, when my wife told me to study the Fa and do the exercises while I was in the hospital, I was annoyed and told her to leave me alone. After I left the hospital, my wife still told me to study the Fa and do the exercises, and I was still irritated, and did not want to listen to her. At that time, others would feel hot wearing just a tank top and shorts, but I was so cold I had to wear long johns and keep the windows closed. I felt chilly when I lay in bed covered with two thick blankets. That was how bad my health was.

On the night of May 18th, my wife again patiently told me about Master's compassion and boundless powers. At the beginning, I cursed at her and told her to stay away. However, she still told me in a pleasant manner: "It was not you who cursed me; it was also not you who wanted me to get out; it was the evil in your body. We are husband and wife, Master sent me to help you. The bad karma you have accumulated through many lives has to be paid back by you, and you will become better after you have endured this." My irritation was gone without me even noticing it, and I did not feel cold anymore even with the door open. My wife and I talked until after 1 in the morning. She fell asleep next to me.

After about 2 in the morning, I quietly got up to cook the herbal medication, not wanting to wake her up. After cooking the medication, I opened the widow. As I did so, I felt a gush of warmth falling on my body, and I felt light and comfortable all over my body.

My wife woke up and said that my illness was gone, and that Master had saved me. Since then, my body has felt light, and I study the Fa and do the exercises with my wife. Since then, I have genuinely started to cultivate, and my body has completely recovered.