(Clearwisdom.net) Staging its first of six shows on August 25, 2010, the Shen Yun Performing Arts Company was greeted with thunderous applause at the Kennedy Center's Opera House in Washington, DC.

Attending the show was Kathleen Pettway.

"I love it, absolutely beautiful," Ms. Pettway exclaimed. "And this time I really paid attention to the men and the chopsticks ["Mongolian Chopsticks"] and the drums, ["Drummers of the Northwest"]. It was very masculine and very sculptured."

Ms. Pettway was deeply touched by the dance set, "Nothing Can Block the Divine Path," which portrays the ongoing persecution of Falun Gong in China by the Communist regime.

She said that she appreciated how the performers presented their message.

Ms. Pettway described her overall impression of Shen Yun as "colorful, beautiful, and intriguing."

"To See This Come Together So Well, and to Show Such a Great Message, Is Amazing!"

Cindy Moor with daughter Dana.

Internet entrepreneur, Mrs. Cindy Moor, attended the show with her teenager daughter, Dana Moor.

Mrs. Moor 's sister had given them two tickets to the show after seeing it just one day earlier.

"My aunt and my mother came last night and they loved it so much that they insisted we come," said Dana.

Dana really enjoyed the spiritual element of Shen Yun and said that she's been interested in Eastern spirituality for years.

"To see the characters come together with the dancing and colors and art ... it's so amazing. And I find that it's something that's not always easy to do and it doesn't always come together. To see this come together so well, and to show such a great message, is amazing!" she said.

Dana's said it was impossible "to describe something this powerful, because it's a spiritual experience as well, it's something that you get to feel, as well as see and hear."

Ms. Moor described how her aunt had understood Shen Yun's mission. "I think my aunt was very interested in the fact that she went to a 'nonviolent conference,' using art as a medium for nonviolence."

Dana thought that Shen Yun's message was clear and appreciated how it was eloquently presented.

"This was the most comprehensive and mystical and amazing way to get out a message. I've never seen dance and sound integrated so well into what people believe

"It was definitely shown in their body movements, how much the dancers believed in it. It was like they were throwing themselves toward something amazing," Dana explained.

Mrs. Moor added, "I learned something I didn't know anything about ... I knew there was a persecution taking place in China, but I didn't know that this whole art form isn't practiced there. That surprised me because it's so amazing. I enjoyed it very much! Thank you for hosting this."