In early August, Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Li Quanying, Ms. Jiang Jiyun, and Ms. Zhou Jianzhi from the Naxi District in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, were arrested and detained in the Naxi District Brainwashing Center. From August 11 to the 13, there were several cases in Luzhou City of police officers breaking into practitioners' homes and arresting them.

On August 11 at 7 a.m., the Jiangyang District Domestic Security Brigade in Luzhou City, the 610 Office, local police officers, and the local community management committee suddenly showed up at Ms. Liu's home. They knocked on her door, but she refused to open the door for them. They broke down her door and entered her home. They arrested Ms. Liu and Ms. Fei Guofang, who was at her home at that time, and left leaving her door open with no one home. It was left open until the next day, when her neighbors told her brother to come and fix the door. Both Ms. Liu and Ms. Fei were detained at a brainwashing center.

On the same day at 9 a.m., when practitioner Mr. Li Shigui from Hongxing Village was on his way to work, he was stopped by Ou Mingcai, who is the secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) committee of Huayang Township government in the Jiangyang District. Wang Xu, the person in charge of the 610 Office, and several others suddenly surrounded Mr. Li, pushed him into their police vehicle, and took him to Huangjinglaolin Brainwashing Center in Luzhou City.

At 11 a.m. the next day, Lin Min from the Jiangyang District Domestic Security Brigade teamed up with seven or eight others from the Fengfenglin District Community Management Committee, including Yang Jianchao and other local police officers, and went to Mr. Li Shigui's home. There was no one home, so they had someone come to open the lock. They opened the door and broke in, ransacked it, and confiscated a picture of Teacher Li Hongzhi and new articles.

On August 13, under the instigation of Luzhou City 610 Office, Ms. Chen Guizhen from Xuyong County in Luzhou City was also arrested and detained in Huangjinglaolin Brainwashing Center in Gulin. It was also said that Ms. Xiong Zhiying from Gulin was arrested and detained in the Naxi District Brainwashing Center. In addition, another practitioner, whose name is unknown, was arrested. In none of the cases did police officers produced any identity cards, nor did they go through any legal procedures.

Ms. Li Quanying was allowed to return home on the afternoon of August 15. The other practitioners are still detained in either Huangjinglaojin Brainwashing Center in Gulin or Naxi Brainwashing Center.