(Clearwisdom.net) In early August 2010, the Donggang City Courts in Liaoning Province clandestinely sentenced three Falun Gong practitioners, Zou Jiling, Wang Fuhua and Wang Chunhua, whilst avoiding litigation by six righteous lawyers by telling them in July 2010 that the court was "on leave."

Under the control of the Dandong and Donggong City Political and Judicial Bureau, and the 610 Office, the Donggang Courts fabricated numerous crimes and began trial of Falun Gong practitioners Zou Jiling, Wang Fuhua and Wang Chunhua on July 1, 2 and 22, 2010, respectively. Six lawyers from Beijing began building a defense case for the three practitioners.

With ample support from the law and the facts, the six lawyers fully exposed the collusion among the Donggang Political and Judicial Bureau, the 610 Office, the Procuratorate, the Public Security Bureau and the judicial system. Those present that day came to understand the truth behind the persecution.

As a result of the lawyers' solid defense, the judges and prosecutor were dumbfounded. Thrice the hearings were called to a stop midway through.

After telling the lawyers that the court was on leave, the court secretly sentenced the practitioners. Wang Fuhua was sent to the Fifth Team of the Third Prison District in Shenyang Women's Prison on August 3, 2010. Wang Chunhua and Zou Jiling appealed and are currently imprisoned at the Dandong Detention Center and Donggang Detention Center, respectively. Their family members have once again hired lawyers to defend them.

In fact, the court being "on leave" was just a preplanned scheme. To them, it was not a part of any procedural activity, but a way for them to cover up their crimes and avoid the judgment of justice. In the lawyers' own words, the entire judicial system has been usurped by the 610 Office. They are but a tool manipulated by the 610 Office. Not only are they unable to determine the charges or the severity of the sentence, their entire legal procedure has been controlled by the 610 Office. Dandong Middle Court is also making secret directives behind the scenes. The courts in China are thus making a mockery of the law.