(Clearwisdom.net) Before 2003 we did not have a local information materials production center. I had to bring all of Master's writings and truth-clarifying materials from other cities by bus. In order to save money and for the sake of safety, I got off the bus at a city close to my home. I walked four or five miles and usually got home sometime after midnight. There were times Master lit up the road for me because the roadway had no lights on it.

One night, as I was carrying the truth-clarifying materials home, it started raining. I took off my jacket and covered up the materials. After arriving home, I found that there were no raindrops on me or the materials.

Eventually, I decided to set up a Falun Dafa information materials production center in my home. This way I wouldn't need to travel or to burden fellow practitioners with preparing the materials for me. In the spring of 2003 I bought a printer/copier for 2,400 yuan. Before long, fellow practitioners from other cities helped me purchase a computer. Gradually, I learned how to get on the Internet. I asked for Master's guidance on finding the right materials on the Internet, and to my great joy I realized how to use the computer for this job. Today the printer/copier is still working fine and is trouble-free despite many long hours of use.

Over time, I added a recorder, a shredder, and two inkjet printers. I am the only practitioner working at the center. Whenever there was a problem I would ask Master for guidance. With a pure heart, many miracles occurred. For example, when a piece of equipment failed, I didn't dare take it out for repair. I disassembled and re-assembled it until I finally found out how to fix it. As a person without much education, experience in repair work, or knowledge about such equipment, it is a miracle that I continued to operate the center.

To satisfy the needs of fellow practitioners I made copies of Master's writings and the book, Zhuan Falun. Later, I also made copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and the book, Anything for Power: The Real Story of China's Jiang Zemin, etc. to support the withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. I was busy most of the time and I worked day and night. During the winters there were times that I didn't go out for more than 10 days in a row, I used rain or melted snow for drinking water, and did not eat for two days. I lived by myself, so I piled the truth-clarifying materials all over the house. When I felt really tired I would lie down on the bed to sleep for a couple of hours, and then continue with my work. I knew that fellow practitioners were imprisoned, tortured, or had lost their lives to validate the principles of Falun Dafa. Thus, I had no reason to take it easy when working.

In addition to supporting the production center and distributing the materials, I am a local coordinator and responsible for contacting fellow practitioners in other cities. Being a coordinator gives one a chance to train and improve one's character. Because I had lost my job, I relied on financial support from fellow practitioners in other cities to operate the center. One day, I heard a rumor that I had used practitioners' hard-earned money improperly and some practitioners came to my home to talk with me about it. I couldn't explain how badly I felt and I cried a lot because of this. I knew there was no point trying to explain. Later, I thought, "Why worry. Master knows what I have done." I spoke to Master, "Please let me cultivate on my own and drop the coordination job." A fellow practitioner from another city came to see me and said, "Don't give up. You are being blamed because your karma needs removal. It is good for you." Today I am still doing this job. I am studying the Falun Dafa principles as much as I can and am sleeping less.

Then, I heard a rumor that I was living with a male practitioner. I really struggled with this until one day I recalled Master's words from the Chicago conference in 2006,

"Whatever you experience during your cultivation--whether good or bad--is good, for it comes about only because you are cultivating. " ("To the Chicago Fa Conference")

Some fellow practitioners asked me to confront the practitioner who had started this rumor, but I didn't do that. Instead, I looked within to see if I had done anything wrong in dealing with male practitioners. As I looked within a warm current passed through my body.

On January 15, 2005, I went to my home with two other practitioners. The next morning police officers came and took all of the Dafa materials and put us in handcuffs. Because I did not cooperate with them, one officer said, "Tighten her handcuffs!" At that moment I had a heavenly feeling and tears began to flow. I said to Master in my mind that since it was my fault that the truth-clarifying materials had been lost, I was not worthy of Master's protection. The officer thought that I cried because of the tight handcuffs. They could not understand Master's great compassion and, indeed, they are the ones to be pitied.

I was held in a local detention center. Master arranged for it to look like I had a serious heart problem. A few days later I was sent to the police department in the city and during the transfer the local police said that I had a heart problem.

The guards used handcuffs and a 24 kg chain to tie me to a chair. The walls in the room were soundproofed, and one wall was covered with handcuffs, leg irons, a whip, and other instruments of torture. However, I was not intimidated by what I saw. There was a table in front of me and several people were sitting behind it. They introduced themselves to me as if I were interrogating them. I believed that they should be kind to Dafa practitioners. I told them I was the only person involved in preparing the truth-clarifying materials and no one else was responsible. Noting that intimidation did not have any effect on me, they tried kindness by offering me a bowl of noodles and a tangerine. I had no appetite and ate very little. They were not sure what to do next.

They interrogated me day and night for many days. The only statement I made was that no one else was involved. I would not link my problem to any other practitioners.

When they couldn't get any information from me, they sent me to a detention center.

Fellow practitioners were sending forth righteous thoughts for me, and my family kept on asking for me to be allowed to come home. After two months, with Master's help, I returned home.

This experience indicated to me the importance of following Dafa principles. We must care for others and have faith in Master and the Dafa principles. Then, all problems can be solved.

The above is my understanding through my cultivation. Please point out anything that is not proper.