(Clearwisdom.net) I have seen a lot of hair-raising scenes with my celestial eye when I send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate dark minions and evil spirits in other dimensions.

Even before Teacher published, "Eliminate the Dark Minions With Righteous Thoughts," a large quantity of these evil entities had already appeared in other dimensions. I could see that the dark minions were interfering with the Fa-rectification and were participating in persecuting practitioners. They appeared in the image of Buddhas, Daos, or Gods, but did not have good moral standards, and controlled rotten demons to do evil things. These dark minions sat on lotus flowers. Some of them had curly hair, some looked like Daoist priests with a whisk in hand and standing on the clouds, and some had the image of Western deities. The Western deities later wore armor and held a variety of weapons. They were the leaders of the demonic forces, and their levels were higher than that of the dark minions. Some of these deities' bodies were cylindrical in shape, with heads on all sides; some looked like sugar-coated haws on a stick with many heads. These weird looking deities were very ferocious and were the vanguard of the evil.

When we sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil in July 2004, we used our Fa weapons to pursue the evil beings in other dimensions. As our energy force headed in a westerly direction, we soon saw what looked like the Tiananmen gates in Beijing. At the same time a dozen evil images appeared in, what looked like, Tiananmen Square.

When a fellow practitioner said, "Let's send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil," they were destroyed instantly. Within a short while, demonic forces appeared in the tens of thousands. As they lined up and marched towards us, we fired arrows at them. It was like a skewer going through marshmallows.

Whenever we sent forth righteous thoughts after that, we looked up in the sky to see if we could see any evil spirits. One time, when I found images of an evil being, we seized its body and tried to find its main hiding place. In the sky in front of us, there were more than a thousand evil images arranged in a line. When they marched towards us, we strengthened our Fa power and disintegrated them. We climbed higher in the sky, leaping on the clouds, as if we were climbing stairs, going higher and higher. Ancient temples were floating in the air. A large demon's head suddenly appeared, it was more than 100 meters in size, so we immediately destroyed it.

When we sent forth righteous thoughts another time, we saw evil images lurking around in the misty sky. As we chased them, we passed many ancient-looking pavilions hidden in the white clouds. Behind the pavilions, there were many evil beings. These beings had multiple heads, some had numerous hands and eyes, and some were in the image of beautiful fairies. As we eliminated them, the sky lit up like a sea of fire.

As we went through a dark evil tunnel, we blew it up bit by bit, destroying evil spirits whenever we saw them. A huge deity, filling half the sky, stood on a large lotus flower with small lotus flowers surrounding it. The deity leaped over the lotus flowers and quickly came towards us. We sent forth righteous thoughts and eliminated it with our supernormal powers.

When Teacher published "Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World" in 2005, a large number of evil beings had appeared. They were hidden in books, newspapers, maps, photos, and other materials. Many of their hiding places were in well-known places such as Tiananmen Square, Babao Mountain and Yuquan Hill.

We have been sending forth righteous thoughts for over nine years, and sometimes we battle with evil beings in other dimensions several times a day. We had previously thought to share our experiences, to encourage fellow practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, but whenever I started to write, a large number of evil beings would interfere with me. They were afraid that practitioners would put more attention on sending forth righteous thoughts and uncover their hiding places and eliminate them. Several practitioners who have their celestial eyes open suffered from headaches, runny noses, and became absentminded. When they started to write, the letters could not be easily read, and they couldn't complete their articles. Now the Fa-rectification has reached this stage, we have shared these experiences to show that the evil is being destroying in large quantities!

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