(Clearwisdom.net) I have never seen scenes in other dimensions as some practitioners have, however I have experienced many miraculous things on my cultivation path. Such occurrences have led me to even more firmly believe in Master and Dafa. I know that Master is always at my side, taking care of me at every moment.

In the past, I didn't do well with regard to respecting Master and the Fa. Every time I felt tired while studying the Fa, I leaned back and spread my legs into a comfortable position as I studied. Although I had read fellow practitioners' sharing articles about respecting Master and the Fa, I still didn't treat this particular matter seriously.

One night, I was leaning against the headboard as I studied the Fa. Suddenly, I saw every word in Zhuan Falun glitter as if they were made of gold. I looked more closely and saw that every word, and even the punctuation marks, glittered as well. I stopped reading and focused all my attention on each glittering word. I was very, very excited. I thought at the beginning that my eyes might be gritty, so I blinked hard a few times and looked again, and saw that the words were indeed twinkling. I turned to other pages in the book and they were all the same.

This experience served to reinforce my belief. I am sure that what I saw was real, and realized that everything Master says must be true! I continued watching the glittering words for a while and suddenly realized, "This will become an attachment if I continue like this." I returned to studying the Fa and didn't dare to lean against the bed or spread my legs again.

Dafa is truly miraculous, and is also very solemn. I would like to say, from the depths of my heart, "Master, I'm really sorry. I behaved terribly. I thank Master for compassionately enlightening me, helping me to see the miraculous nature of Dafa, and allow me to realize my faults. I know I am wrong, please forgive me!"

Whenever I study the Fa now, I sit on a mat in the lotus position. If I can't persevere in the lotus position, I sit in the half lotus or with my legs crossed. I no longer lean against anything.

I wanted to share this experience with my fellow practitioners. I believe now that if we sit improperly while studying the Fa as I used to, it bespeaks an attachment to comfort. This behavior shows lack of respect for Master and the Fa. Let's hurry to rectify our improper cultivation states while studying the Fa, and truly respect Master and the Fa in our actions. The evil is watching intently our every thought and deed. Let's not give them any opportunity to persecute us via our loopholes.