(Clearwisdom.net) I was very blessed to discover Falun Dafa in 1998. Reading the precious book Zhuan Falun, I found that every sentence Master said was reasonable, and I wanted to practice Falun Dafa myself. However, in 1999 when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began the irrational persecution, I put cultivation aside. I hadn't studied the Fa deeply and was confused by the CCP's slanderous lies. Thus I wasted six years of valuable time, until the end of 2004, when I truly stepped into Dafa with the help of my mother and sister. I'd like to share the following insights with you.

1. Studying and Reciting the Fa

Every time Master teaches the Fa, He reminds us several times that we must study the Fa a lot. In October 2004, I quit my job and thus I had lots of free time. After calmly thinking things over, I realized I had made a mistake and returned to Dafa. Almost every day, I studied the Fa first and then did the housework. I found that by placing a priority on Fa-study, my chores were quickly done. Any time I had free time I studied the Fa.

I had chronic angina, tonsillitis, and dysmenorrhea before I became a practitioner. After obtaining the Fa, I became healthy and capable. Previously, whenever my husband came home late, I got angry with him and I would remain so angry throughout the entire night, so that I couldn't sleep. But now, if he comes back late, and even if he is drunk, I don't criticize him; instead I take care of him and reason with him.

Later, my sister suggested that we should memorize and recite the Fa. Looking at Zhuan Falun, which is over three hundred pages, I feared that it would be difficult. Then I realized that when I took the self-study examination, I did quite well with memorization. Surely I could do the same with the Fa. Six months later, I had finally recited Zhuan Falun once. With my sister's encouragement, I began to recite again, then a third time, and then the fourth time. Each time it was quicker and quicker for me to recite the Fa. When I recited it the fourth time, it only took me three months.

As I recite the Fa, I indeed feel that as I assimilate to Dafa, I become aware of deep Fa-truths and have new understandings of certain sentences. Dafa is so profound. I feel like a little fish swimming in the boundless sea. While studying the Fa, I sometimes feel that there are a series of heat currents circulating in my body, first in my arms and then in my legs.

Once I finish studying Zhuan Falun, I study the Fa teachings that Master has given in different places. I have gained new insights every time I study them. I also participate in the Fa study group that meets twice a week. Fellow practitioners get together and take turns reading the Fa aloud, paragraph by paragraph, and exchange views. This is really rewarding.

2. Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

Sending forth righteous thoughts is one of the three things Master has asked us to do.

In 2006, I was a home tutor, and because I only taught for two hours in the mornings, I had lots of free time. Whenever I had an opportunity, I sat down and sent forth righteous thoughts at the top of every hour. Sometimes when I was on a bus or waiting for a bus, I also sent forth righteous thoughts.

I send forth righteous thoughts every time before I go out to distribute materials and clarify the truth. If my mind is focused and pure while sending righteous thoughts, I can feel that the energy is very powerful. My arms, hands and legs emit strong energy and my entire body is wrapped with energy and feels very comfortable. During one period of time, while sending righteous thoughts, I felt that my mind wasn't calm, that I was going off into flights of fancy, and that my right ankle hurt. Then I looked inwards. I realized that at that time I frequently went window shopping and human notions were showing up, so I sent forth righteous thoughts to help me discard this attachment. Now it's much better.

We must pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. I realized that with every problem I encountered, I shouldn't just let it go, but that I needed to look inwards. Once I thought, "Look, now my lower abdomen doesn't hurt anymore." I immediately became aware that I was experiencing a feeling of showing off (which is not a righteous thought). Suddenly, my lower abdomen felt like it was about to hurt. I quickly became aware that this thought wasn't me and my true self didn't have these kinds of bad thoughts. As soon as I identified it, I disintegrated it. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts from the heart and asked Master to strengthen me. Very quickly the notion and the pain associated with it got better.

3. Clarifying the Truth and Saving Sentient Beings

To help people understand the truth about the persecution, I primarily distribute truth-clarifying materials. I also clarify the truth face to face, post self-adhesive truth-clarifying signs, and write truth-clarifying words on paper money. During this process, my xinxing has been tempered; I can feel Master's care and protection; and some attachments are removed, such as fear, attachment to accomplishing tasks, fear of hardship, and so on. I can also feel the joy after saving people, the compassion of being truly for the goodness of other people, and the elevation of my realm.

Ever since Master has affirmed the role of writing truth-clarifying words on paper money, I have never stopped doing this. Almost all the money I spend is truth-clarifying currency bills. At first, I wrote on it by hand. Later, I used a stamp to print on all the bills.

Every time I distribute truth-clarifying materials, I can feel Master's strengthening. During these five years, I have never stopped distributing truth-clarifying materials. At first, I was alone. There are now three practitioners who go out as a group. One person sends forth righteous thoughts. The other two distribute materials.

In this process, everything is fine as long as my mind and attitude are pure and clear and without human notions. When I have an attachment to accomplishing this sacred duty, as if it were a task or just doing it as a job, there will be interference and trouble. Once, having distributed most of the materials, I thought, "There are only few left. It is almost done." Soon, a resident coming down from upstairs found the materials and rudely threw them on the ground. This experience reminds me that saving people is sacred and that every single thought and mental activity must be righteous.