(Clearwisdom.net) In recent years there have been quite a few cultivators that have suffered from sickness karma, some of them for long periods of time, and some of them even to the point of losing their physical bodies. I want to share some local practitioners' experiences with sickness karma and what we have learned through experience sharing.

One time a practitioner over seventy years old heard some fellow cultivators say something that really irritated her. She felt very indignant and the evil took advantage of this gap. On her way home she felt as if someone had shoved her really hard and she fell heavily to the ground. She felt as if she couldn't move, but her mind was still very clear. She thought, "No problem, I am a Falun Dafa practitioner." She slowly got up and walked home. When she returned home she started passing blood in her stool. I went to visit her a week later. She had ample righteous thoughts, had been studying the Fa well and practicing the exercises. She had also been taking care of her household responsibilities as normal.

We shared experiences in order to explore where she had gaps that were being taken advantage of by the evil and to stop the evil from persecuting her even if she did have gaps. A week later I went to see her again. She got out of bed with great effort. She basically wasn't eating anything and her heart and mind were not stable. I asked her, "Are you sending forth righteous thoughts?" She answered, "I am sending forth righteous thoughts at the four fixed times every day." I said, "How could that be enough with the evil persecuting you like this? You should send forth righteous thoughts whenever you have time, even when you are lying down or going to the bathroom. You shouldn't stop until the evil is completely annihilated. We will help you eliminate the evil. " I returned a day later. She was already able to go outside. She said that after I had left she started sending forth righteous thoughts continuously to eliminate all of the evil elements that were persecuting her. By the evening she was back to normal again.

After going through this experience I enlightened to the following: When sickness karma occurs we need to look within and correct ourselves according to the principles of the Fa, and we have to rigorously send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. This is to totally negate the old force arrangements in all of our actions. We must continuously send righteous thoughts until the persecution ends. We must not let sickness karma drag out for too long, because when it gets more serious often practitioners righteous thoughts become less and less adequate and it becomes more difficult.

One time I traveled far from home to visit my relatives. Because I had not studied the Fa diligently or practiced the exercises well for the previous two weeks the evil took advantage of my gaps. The big toe on my right foot started oozing pus and it was a bit painful to walk. At first since it didn't interrupt my studying the Fa, doing the exercises, and helping Master save sentient beings, I didn't take it very seriously. I also did not send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil that was attacking my toe. The sickness karma lasted for four months before I began to pay attention to it and to stop the evil from persecuting me. I vigorously sent forth righteous thoughts whenever I had time to eliminate all of the evil that was attacking my big toe. It only took a few days for it to be clear up.

In our area there was an influential coordinator who was a little over forty years old. At first he did not pay attention to his sickness karma, which manifested as a light cough. Over time it became more and more severe. He had difficulty walking. It lasted for a full two years before eventually taking his life. This was a tremendous loss for our local area for Fa-rectification.

It is clear that persecution manifesting as sickness karma must be regarded seriously. The old forces take advantage of the gaps that we don't pay attention to in order to reach their evil goals.

We have learned from Master's Fa teachings that Falun Dafa practitioners have very little karma. If a practitioner has serious sickness karma then he is definitely being persecuted by the old forces. But we don't recognize this persecution, and we completely negate all of the old force arrangements. While eliminating the evil we will travel our cultivation paths well.