Grandma Went to a Fair after Lying in Bed for Thirteen Years

There is a 79-year-old grandma in Shandong Province. Because of practicing Falun Gong, she looks only 60 years old. Her face is rosy, smooth, and without many wrinkles. Looking at her, who could have imagined that she used to be paralyzed and in bed for 13 years?

In the Spring of 1986 when this lady was 55 years old, she suddenly had a stroke. She fell down and couldn't get up. Although she recovered slightly after many treatments, she couldn't go outside anymore and had to stay at home. The right side of her body became dysfunctional. She couldn't stretch out her left arm, and it remained folded in front of her chest. Since she couldn't take care of herself, she relied on her husband to tend to her. She bore a tremendous amount of mental suffering. She lay in bed every day, looking at the ceiling and thinking, "Why is my life so miserable? When will I recover? Dear God, please help me recover soon."

One day in January 1999 a Falun Gong practitioner in their village went to visit this elderly lady and talked to her about the benefits of practicing Falun Gong. The practitioner said to her, "Why don't you practice Falun Gong? Only Falun Gong can cure your problem. How about coming tomorrow evening to our practice site and listen to Master Li Hongzhi teaching the Fa?" Grandma thought, "If practicing Falun Gong could help to cure my illness, then I'll learn it by all means."

The next day, assisted by her daughter, she put forth a lot of effort and got to the practice site. They listened to Master's Fa teaching lectures. Although Grandma was illiterate, she understood what Master meant in "Guiding People Toward High Levels." She thought, "Isn't guiding people toward high levels meant to guide people to heaven? Isn't Master a divine being?" At that moment, she decided to cultivate Dafa until the end. She said, "I have believed in divine beings since I was very young. As soon as I listened to Master's lectures, I knew that Master came to save people. So I will definitely continue the practice."

Later on, miracles occurred. A dozen days after she went to the practice site and listened to the lectures, Grandma's body miraculously recovered. She became stronger, and her arms and legs could stretch out normally. All the other illnesses she used to have were also healed. She became a totally different person.

Because of this, Grandma is very grateful to Master and Dafa for saving her life. She thought, "Dafa is so wonderful, I should let more people know about Dafa and help more people know of the option to start to practice Dafa. I should step out and let people see the changes in me and let them witness the miracle and beauty of Dafa."

Once, she went to a fair in the nearby village. Many people who knew her and of her lying in bed for over ten years couldn't believe it was her. Two young ladies even had a bet after seeing her. One of them said, "Is she the grandma from our village?" And the other lady said, "Grandma has been lying in bed for over ten years; it couldn't be her." After they went up to her, they found that she was indeed the same grandma who had been lying in bed for over ten years! Both of them were amazed by the dramatic changes in her. Then Grandma joyfully told them, "If I didn't study Dafa, I wouldn't have been able to recover and come here today. I was blessed after I started practicing Dafa."

There was another time when Grandma was about to push a cart full of corn stalks up a slope. Two young men saw her and wanted to help her since she was an elderly lady and had just recovered from severe illness. So they rushed ahead to help her push the cart. However, before they were able to give a hand, grandma has already pushed the cart up the slope. Both of them were greatly astonished. "How powerful Falun Gong is! We should also start to learn it!"

The news that Grandma's illnesses were cured because of practicing Falun Gong quickly spread among the local villagers. People were amazed by the miraculous effects of Dafa in healing illnesses and keeping fit.

Helping Others Learn the Practice

There was elderly villager more than 90 years old who had been lying in bed for many years because of illness. Grandma told the villager's daughter-in-law, "Ask her to learn Falun Gong; a patient like me was cured after practicing."

Later, she went to teach the villager the five sets of exercises. Not long after that, the elderly villager recovered completely. Now the villager is 91 years old, and she still persists in practicing Falun Gong.

There is another elderly villager who had uncontrollable trembling throughout her entire body. Grandma went to talk to her and said, "An elderly villager living on the east side was cured after she started to practice Falun Gong. How about you also start to learn the practice?" This villager agreed. Within several months, the symptoms of trembling disappeared. She is now 92 years old.

Another elderly villager was 93 years old. Before she started practicing Falun Gong, she had a persistent cough. She sometimes vomited blood. After she began the practice, all her illnesses were healed.

None of these three elderly villagers had attended school or had learned how to read. So Grandma told them about some of the central teachings of Falun Gong: "A practitioner should cultivate his or her character and not curse or fight with other people. And a practitioner must not kill anything." In order to help them start practicing Dafa, she taught them the five sets exercises and often played Master's Fa-teaching lectures for them.

Dafa manifested miracles in the three elderly women. Now they are all very healthy and full of strength. They no longer rely on other people to take care of them. Stories about the 79-year-old practitioner and the other three grandmas in their 90s have become legend in their village. Many of their family members and friends, local villagers, and people from nearby villages have all come to study the practice. Right now, about one third of the villagers are practicing Falun Gong.

Get Rid of Interference, and Firmly Cultivate Dafa

Because Grandma experienced how miraculous and extraordinary Dafa is, the slanderous persecution started by the communist regime couldn't shake her faith and determination at all. She said: "It's very obvious that their propaganda is not true, a true practitioner won't do something like that."

The regime officials wanted to pressure her through her husband. She said, "If you don't allow me to practice Falun Gong at home, then I will go outside and continue the practice wherever I go." One year later, her husband also started to practice Falun Gong. Later, the stomach problems he had were all cured. Now her husband is 86 years old, yet he looks like he is only 70 years old. Both Grandma and her husband have a healthy and rosy complexion. No one would have thought that they used to be very sick patients.

Around 2005, three people came to Grandma's house and asked her if she was still practicing Falun Gong. She said, "Yes, I was cured after I started the practice." They then said, "Do you know it's illegal to practice Falun Gong?" Grandma answered, "Only Dafa could cure my diseases. I have not done anything wrong. Jiang and his regime are committing terrible crimes. They have persecuted so many good people to death."

Since they couldn't persuade the elderly practitioner, the three people tried to forcibly take away Grandma's Falun Gong books, videos, and Master's photo from her house. She immediately stopped them and said, "You can't take Master's photo." She wasn't afraid at all. With strong righteous thoughts, she explained the truth about Dafa using her personal experiences and asked the three people not to persecute Dafa anymore. Finally, they left quietly.

Witnessing the Wonderfulness of Dafa

Before practicing Dafa, Grandma couldn't read at all. But after several years of cultivation, she could read almost all the Dafa books and Master's new articles. When she studied the Fa, she looked at the books while listening to the lectures. She wrote down the characters she didn't know and asked other people about them. Gradually, she learned how to read and could read through the book smoothly.

She shared with us some of the wonderful experiences she had. One morning her husband suddenly woke her up, "What's that over the window?" After she looked at the object carefully, she found it turned out to be a giant lotus flower floating in the air. When it moved up, the petals blossomed, and as it floated down, the petals closed. It is beyond description how beautiful the flower was.

The 91-year-old woman mentioned above often saw, with her celestial eye, Faluns rotating around her. Once, when she was doing the meditation with Grandma, she said, "There are so many Faluns rotating around us." There was one time when she suddenly had symptoms of facial paralysis, and her children wanted to take her to the hospital. She calmly said to them: "Don't be alarmed. Master is helping me to eliminate my karma. I'll be fine very soon." The next day, her mouth wasn't askew anymore. On the third day she fully recovered, and it looked like nothing had happened to her.

The 92-year-old practitioner also experienced some miracles. Her son had died in a car accident the year before, and she was paid sixty thousand yuan as compensation from the driver. A thief knew about this and planned to steal the money from her.

One night, while the practitioner was sleeping, the thief stole in and suddenly covered her with her blanket and tried to steal the money. She struggled with the thief, but being an old woman, she was too weak to fight him. Then she thought of Master; so she asked for help from Master. Right at that moment, she was strengthened, and slapped the thief right on his head. The thief became very scared and ran away.

The thief didn't give up however, and went to the practitioner's house again. This time, the thief struck her ankle, which he mistakenly thought was her neck. The elderly practitioner suddenly woke up. After the experience of the time before, she wasn't afraid at all. She knew that Master is protecting her all the time. She turned on the light and shouted at the thief. Then the embarrassed thief quickly ran away and never came back again.