(Clearwidsom.net) There are quite a few tourist groups who come to Europe on vacation. The volunteers at Quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Service Centers at tourist spots are always busy clarifying truth to mainland Chinese tourists and helping them to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Tourists Looking to Quit the CCP

A Chinese woman came over and asked, "Did you just help them (another group of mainland Chinese tourists) quit the CCP?" The volunteers said "yes." She asked, "Are you Falun Gong?" The volunteer said "yes." She said happily, "I trust Falun Gong, can you also help me to quit the CCP?" After the volunteer helped her to register, she asked for truth-clarification materials including the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. She carefully folded them and placed them into her purse. Someone nearby said, "You are really brave. Dare you take them back to China?" She replied, "As long as I want to, I will be able to take them back to China. It is no big deal!"

"People Who Practice Falun Dafa Are So Kind"

A group of mainland Chinese tourists looked at each other after they got off the bus. None of them dared to take the truth-clarification materials. Some of them asked if there were any good Chinese restaurants nearby. A volunteer came over and offered some advice and introduced several good but affordable western restaurant alternatives nearby. The tourists, seeing the volunteer was so sincere, thanked the volunteer and asked for materials. The volunteer said, "You can read them at your leisure in the restaurant.

After having lunch, the tourists came back and thanked the volunteer, saying, "Thank you, the food was really good. The restaurants you mentioned are very good. They are not expensive while the food is unique. Are you Falun Gong?" The volunteer said "yes." Someone said, "Those who practice Falun Gong have good hearts." The volunteer told them, "After reading the truth-clarification materials, you now know the truth. It is time to quit the CCP." Almost everyone that was asked by the volunteer agreed to quit the CCP. While waiting for the group to gather to board the bus, almost everyone registered to quit the CCP. Before the bus shut the door, the volunteer told people inside, "Those who already quit the CCP, do not forget to tell this to your friends and families. Those who did not quit yet. You should do so at the next stop. This is a precious opportunity."

Official from China's Public Security System Quits the CCP

A volunteer found a mid-aged man coldly watching people register to quit the CCP. The volunteer went over and asked, "Are you a communist party member?" He said, "I am a veteran party member." The volunteer said, "Looks like you are an official?" He said, "You are right." The volunteer said, "That is fine, it depends on how you carry out your job. If you always think of people and help people to solve their problems, then you are a good official." The man had no objection to that. The volunteer said:, "You should know that the wealth and status you enjoy in this life time is exchanged for the virtue you accumulated in your previous lives. It is not given by the CCP. If you were born abroad, maybe your rank would be even higher." The man smiled after hearing this.

The volunteer continued, saying , "If you want to keep your rank and wealth, you should do good deeds. For example, now innocent Falun Gong practitioners are persecuted in China. If you speak out for them and try your best to protect them, then you are doing good deeds." The man said, "Whenever they catch Falun Gong practitioners and transfer them to me, I release them." The volunteer said, "Looks like you work in public security system? You are so lucky. Although you are in the position that can easily do bad deeds, god also give you the opportunity and let you do good deeds to accumulate virtue and get rewarded. There is a saying: "Helping people also helps oneself, accumulation of virtue will change one's fate, even reward the descendants."

The man laughed happily and responded, "No one ever convinced me before, but what you said makes sense." The volunteer said: "God will eliminate the CCP, every Chinese who joined the CCP faces a life-and-death choice. They have to quit the CCP to save themselves. Quitting the CCP will guarantee a safe future." The man nodded and agreed. The volunteer said, "How about using the nickname "Fu'an" (meaning lucky and safe in Chinese) to register to quit the CCP?" The man said "sure." Then he shook hands and said good-bye.

Tore up the "CCP" certificate in China and Officially Quit the CCP Abroad

At a tourist spot in Europe, a family of mainland Chinese tourists encountered a volunteer. They took the truth-clarification materials and left in a hurry. The volunteer asked after them, "Did you quit the CCP?" The woman stopped and asked, "What?" After the explanation by the volunteer, she said, "Oh, I quit many years ago. At that time, I tore up the CCP certificate, and stopped submitting the membership fee or joining the activities."

The volunteer asked her about tearing up the CCP certificate. She said that she used to work for a large state-owned enterprise. Later she made her supervisor unhappy during work, and he took revenge on her. Her position was dropped from a middle level white collar to being even worse than blue collar. She was afraid that her family would be affected, so she had to quit the position. She heard from her father years ago that during the Cultural Revolution there were many brutal campaigns of persecution by the CCP. When she left her old workplace, she trashed all the documents or certificates related to the CCP.

Her friend knew about an earlier experience that showed the bad side of the CCP. A reporter reported a piece of news. It was immediately stopped by the authorities. The authorities got all the phone records of the reporter from the phone company and used them to threaten the reporter. The phone company should have preserved the privacy of the customer and the customer's personal safety should have been protected. But in reality, private phone calls are all monitored, how can people feel secure? "I and people surrounding me all feel helpless. Just wait and see, the CCP will collapse sooner or later. Their own deeds will collapse them."

Her husband said, "I know people all hate the CCP. Our family is not the worst case, and I already hate the CCP. One of my college classmates became an official. He used to be a kind person at school. After a couple of years, he became very bad; of course he also became very rich. The officials have power at hand, and their power can be exchanged for money. Big power can exchange for big money, small power can exchange for small money. They would sell the power to whoever offered the most benefits."

He said, "Not only the officials, the whole society has become bad." He pointed to his child standing aside and said, "His teacher took advantage of students who wanted to join the Youth League of the CCP. The school encouraged students every day to join the CCP or the Youth League. It was said to be helpful for college applications or job hunting. My child is a good student, so he also applied to join the Youth League. But he did not give gifts to the teacher, so he was not allowed to join the Youth League. He was also humiliated in his class."

The volunteer gave them a copy of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. The husband said, "I know this book. The authorities are very annoyed and very afraid of it. People say that it presents lots of Chinese history that has been erased from today's textbooks. I know the CCP is very good at distorting history."

The couple agreed to let the volunteer help them quit the CCP. The child also agreed to quit the Young Pioneers of the CCP. He said he would never regret again not being able to join the Youth League. The couple took the truth-clarification materials and said, "We will read them carefully. After we go back we will get over the great Internet firewall to learn more."