(Clearwisdom.net) At the beginning of 2006, I moved from a city with a good cultivation environment to the countryside where there aren't many practitioners. When noticing that there wasn't a Fa-study group and the practitioners there hadn't formed one body, having very few practitioners who have stepped forward, and considering the limited time left to save sentient beings, in addition to other regions having the same problem, I felt very anxious. How can we save more sentient beings? I was thinking about how to save more people every day.

Perhaps Master has seen my heart of wishing to save more people. At one time, when I was on a train talking to a woman sitting next to me about Falun Gong and the persecution, I purposely raised my voice so that the people all around me could also hear what I was saying. It was the time when the organ harvesting atrocities had just come to light. A man who sat aside quietly listened to me the entire time. After the woman I was talking to got off the train, the man came up to me to talk. Strengthened by Master, we had an informative talk for several hours. He understood more about the truth and opened his heart to me. He told me he was a police officer at a prison where he lived and some of the illegal things that were conducted in the prison he was working at. He also mentioned he had brought two satellite dishes from Weihai City, Shandong Province, one for him and the other for a friend. They could receive both Voice of America (VOA) and NTDTV. When he talked about this, his eyes lit up. I immediately enlightened that this is what I had been looking for to save sentient beings!

I felt happy for sentient beings craving for the truth, and also happy for myself for finding a method to save people. It would be great if we could install several satellite dishes in the nearby villages for people to watch NTDTV every day. How many people could we save this way! Just as Master has said in "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference":

"...and that's because they think: if you had too much money the persecution wouldn't exist; if you had a few extremely rich people supporting you behind the scenes, could that evil in China keep being so evil? It doesn't want the Chinese people to know the truth, and what if you made a few satellites and sent them up there, and broadcast it into China non-stop?

At the same time, I also felt deeply ashamed. Being a Dafa disciple in the northeastern China area, I have the responsibility to save people there, but I hadn't been promoting NTDTV. It took a police officer, seeking the truth for himself, carrying two satellite dishes for such a long distance for his family and friends. I had heard that some cities in southern China can receive NTDTV, but I wasn't aware of it in the northeast region. I should have found this out myself much sooner.

Then I had one thought, no matter how hard it is to promote NTDTV, I will persist to have more people receive it and let it take root in China to save more sentient beings.

I hope fellow practitioners can join me in promoting NTDTV to save more sentient beings.