(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wu Suqiong and her 21-year-old daughter are from Shengli Oil Field in Shandong Province. Recently, they again suffered persecution from the 610 Office. They were detained in a brainwashing facility until Ms. Wu's condition became critical.

Zhang Chenggong, director of the brainwashing facility at Shengli Oil Field, directed the persecution. He stated that Ms. Wu was an important person to monitor and must be either "transformed" or sentenced to jail.

Ms. Wu Suqiong is 43 years old. All three members of her family practiced Falun Gong before the nationwide persecution started. After July 1999, the entire family endured persecution multiple times. They were arrested, had their home ransacked, and were detained in a brainwashing facility, detention centers, and labor camps. After rounds of harassment, Ms. Wu's husband Huang Wenqiang bent under the pressure of brainwashing, turned against Dafa, and began to assist the 610 Office. Currently, he wants to divorce Ms. Wu. Ms. Wu's daughter Huang Juan was subjected to repeated intimidation at a young age, which caused her to become mentally unstable.

On the night of March 1, 2010, Ms. Wu's daughter Huang Juan wandered away from home while in a foggy state. She was spotted by the police and escorted to the Shengyuan Police Station. Since the police found a Falun Gong book in her bag, she was sent to the Liuhu Detention Center in Dongying City on March 2, and the home that she and her mother live in was ransacked. Even though they had prior knowledge of her mental state, the authorities detained her for half a month. Huang Juan was released on bail on March 17.

On the morning of May 28, right after Ms. Wu Suqiong stepped out the door to go to work, she was attacked by nine people from the 610 Office and Ma Weimin from Shengli Oil Field. They covered her eyes, gagged her mouth with a towel, and forced her into a vehicle that brought her to the brainwashing facility at Shengli Oil Field. Huang Juan was not aware of her mother's arrest. The 610 officials also confiscated her house key. Then Chen Weihua, director of the security office, and several others went to Ms. Wu's home. They tried to persuade Huang Juan to go with them by lying to her about helping her find a job. Huang did not believe them and refused to go, but was also forcefully taken to the brainwashing facility.

While detained in the brainwashing center, Ms. Wu protested the persecution with a hunger strike. Starting on the second day of her hunger strike, Zhang Chenggong ordered two men and one woman to force-feed her. First, they tied her up and pushed her to the ground. Then they sat on her legs and held her arms while clenching her nose. They used their hands to grab her cheeks tight, forcefully pulling, pressing, and squeezing them, while prying her clenched teeth apart with a wooden stick. They also forced a syringe with liquid food into her mouth, stabbing at her mouth violently in the process and injuring her. After two to three forced-feeding sessions, Ms. Wu lost each of her upper and lower incisors, with the rest of her teeth becoming loose as well. The inside of her cheeks were damaged due to the grabbing, and her mouth and face were swollen. During the force-feeding, when Ms. Wu was trying to breathe while her nose was being clenched, guards poured water and porridge into her mouth. She was choking from the water, food, blood, and tears in her trachea and esophagus. Tears rushed down her face. Ms. Wu struggled during the barbaric force-feeding and hit her head on the ground, forming a huge bump. Her blood pressure was measured at 120~190 and the edge of her mouth was bleeding. Since Ms. Wu's body had become very weak, Zhang Chenggong and the other perpetrators halted the force-feeding, fearing for her life. Because of her critical condition, Ms. Wu was sent to Zuanjing Hospital for emergency treatment on June 8, after eleven days of hunger strike.

Zhang Chenggong and others from the 610 Office at Shengli Oil Field discussed many times how to continue the persecution of Ms. Wu. If they continued, they were afraid that Ms. Wu's condition would deteriorate because of her steadfast belief and her refusal to give up Falun Gong. Since they felt it was difficult to continue physical torture, they wanted to fine her. However, Ms. Wu is penniless. They asked her family to sign an agreement to confiscate her home, but no one came to sign it. If they were to drag the process on for too long, they were afraid of putting her life in danger and the backlash from the community. So they asked what Ms. Wu wanted to stop her hunger strike. Ms. Wu Suqiong told them to unconditionally escort her and her daughter home the same way they were taken. Ms. Wu was sent home after 25 days of detention.

Ms. Wu's daughter Huang Juan, who is still detained in the brainwashing facility, said that she would steadfastly practice Falun Gong. Officials at the facility tried to "transform" her, but she remained silent. She has also refused to sign any documents and refused to acknowledge the ransacking of her home and her detention.