(Clearwisdom.net) About 20 Falun Gong practitioners are being held on the third and fourth floors in Ward 8 of the Liaoning Province Women's Prison and are forced to work for a long periods of time on a daily basis. The work involves making clothing and working on assembly lines. Guards incite criminals to try to force the practitioners to renounce their beliefs. Some practitioners have been there for ten years.

1. Methods used to abuse and torture practitioners

Guards in Ward 8 further urge criminals to abuse and torture practitioners, mainly in the wash room, toilet, and reading room. The torture methods for the most part involve severe beatings, pouring cold water on practitioners' bodies, hanging practitioners up and beating them, stomping on them on the ground, tying the practitioners up and forcing them under a bed in a painful, folded over position, sleep deprivation, and even gagging the practitioners with underwear. The tortures don't stop until the practitioners write a "reform" statement.

Practitioners are placed under the criminals' surveillance during their daily forced labor, everyday life activities, sleeping, eating and using the restroom. The practitioners are forbidden to talk or make eye contact with other practitioners.

The guards use two or three or even many electric batons to shock practitioners, and pour cold water over them to wake them up if they lose consciousness. The persecutors also beat the practitioners with rubber truncheons.

2. Practitioners who were subjected to abuse and torture

(1) Ms. Wang Jinping from Liaoyang City was given a ten-year prison term and has been in the Liaoning Province Women's Prison for six and a half years. She was subjected to all kinds of abuse and tortures. The following are merely a few of the tortures she was subjected to during her more than six years of detention. The guards often stripped her, handcuffed her behind the back, and locked her to a post in a washroom. They covered her mouth with duct tape, and doused her with water from a faucet. They hung her upside down from a heating pipe and whipped her with a rubber tube. One other torture: one persecutor stands on her body, two others tie her legs with rope and pull them wide apart, while another violently kicks her genitals. Ms. Wang was left unable to walk. Guards Liu Yili, Li Dan and Zuo Xiaoyan beat her with clubs and electric batons until she lost consciousness, and then dragged her into a wash room and poured cold water on her. The guards once tied Ms. Wang's hands and feet, and then force-fed her. Being emaciated, she was locked in solitary confinement immediately when returning from hospital treatment. Criminals Li Lili and Lu Jing subjected Ms. Wang to long-term abuse and mistreatment. Even so, she still kept explaining the facts to the criminals and guards and often said, "Our lives here are threatened every minute, but we must offer them salvation." Her compassion demonstrated during her truth-clarification often moved criminals to tears.

Ms. Wang Jinping is now suffering from myocardial ischemia, severe anemia, liver problems, and leg edema.

(2) Ms. Zhang Shuxia was sentenced to seven years in prison. She was placed in solitary confinement and forced to sit on a small bench; her jaw was broken and bleeding. She is under strict control around the clock.

(3) Guards covered Ms. Wang Sumei's mouth with duct tape every day, hung her up in the wash room and poured cold water on her.

(4) Ms. Wang Suzhen from Liaoyang had one of her front teeth knocked out.

(5) Ms. Shi Yingchun, in her 60s, from Huludao City, was beaten to death. She was held in cell 404 on the fourth floor. Yin Jinnan was cell head, while Fang Lili and Yao Yuanyuan monitored her. Criminals Du Xiuyun, Wang Tong, Huang Yeqing, Wang Xiujuan and Gao Feng participated in the beating. Liu Yili, the on duty section head, and Luo Na were also responsible for her death.

Luo Na attempted to force Ms. Shi Yingchun to renounce her belief in Falun Gong. Luo transferred Ms. Shi to another cell where the violent criminals Fang Lili and Yao Yuanyuan subjected Ms. Shi to sleep deprivation, poured cold water on her, and forced Ms. Shi to stand in a basin of cold water.

Ms. Shi was hung up on a heating radiator in the wash room around 10:00 p.m. on March 17, 2010, after the day's hard labor. She lost consciousness before 2:00 a.m. the next day and was eventually hospitalized, but it was too late. All division heads arrived at the prison in the middle of the night. They lied and claimed that Ms. Shi had been sent to a hospital for her heart problem. When all inmates were out working the next morning, all of Ms. Shi's belongings were removed from her cell. All cell numbers were removed, and inmates were assigned to different cells.

(6) Ms. Gao Manli, in her 50s, is from Liaoyang City. The guards often beat her buttocks and left her bruised. They also shocked her with electric batons for doing less labor, covering her whole body with blisters.

(7) Liu Junlu, Li Hongshu, and Qi Xiangru were often subjected to abuse and mistreatment.

Guards who have personally participated in the persecution of practitioners are Ward Head Zuo Xiaoyan, Production Section Head Liu Yili, Political Head Chen Xiaolian, Section Head Li Zhe, and Division Heads, including Liu Yingying, Luo Na, Shan Dandan, Li Dan and Guo Guijie