(Clearwisdom.net) Many guards in China's labor camps and prisons behave similarly when it comes to the wanton torture of detained Falun Gong practitioners. They believe that no one is going to testify for the victimized practitioners, so the guards claim to have no fear of lawsuits against them. The following three examples showcase this mentality.

Case 1: Practitioner Ms. Gao Suying from Changzhi City, Shanxi Province

Ms. Gao suffered unimaginable mistreatment while at the Shanxi Women’s Labor Camp in Taiyuan City. When she wrote a letter on August 8,2008 to appeal her labor camp sentence she was met with brutal beatings. She recounts her ordeal that day:

“… More than ten drug addicts and monitors [detainees assigned to watch practitioners] rushed into the classroom. Liu Yanan and Gao Zhihua snatched my pen and used it to prick my face and body, causing me injuries everywhere. They next showered me with kicks and fists until they knocked me down. All these people madly stomped on my chest and body. I was in so much pain that I could barely breathe.

Then I heard Captain Ji Xiangzhi’s voice, ‘Gao Suying is really capable! She beats so many people!’ I struggled to get up, despite the unbearable pain. After Ji Xiangzhi left, Team Two Lead Chen Chunxiang came over. They resumed torturing me. Cui Ran grabbed my arms and punched my chest. Chen Chunxiang asked jokingly, ‘Who witnessed any beatings?’ Cui Ran kept beating me and said, “I just want to beat you!” The group took turns hitting me until they got tired. They also dragged me back and forth between the classroom and a rooftop terrace until midnight that day.”

Ms. Gao was subjected to torture again on September 24, 2009. According to her, “Monitors Lin Runtao and Cui Caixia grabbed my hair and punched my face. I retreated to the bedside, but drug addicts Zhang Miao, Lian Linjun and Bai Qiaoling immediately pushed me down onto the bed and madly scratched my chest. I struggled to get up and wanted to run out of the room, but they had already shut the door tightly. They wasted no time and gave me another round of beatings. Team Two Lead Chen Huiru ordered the drug addicts to keep the door closed. She walked up and began kicking me with her heels. She asked me, ‘Who beat you?’ Then she ordered other people, “Listen! You all testify on my behalf that she beat you guys!’”

Case 2: Practitioner Ms. Liu Li from Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

Ms. Liu Li was tortured while incarcerated in the Hebei Province Women's Forced Labor Camp between June 30, 2008 and October 19, 2009. The following are examples of the torture she endured: She was hung up by the arms with feet not touching the ground for nine days. Prison guards ripped off her shirt and used an electric baton to shock her nipples. A guard struck Ms. Liu in the head with an electric baton, which caused severe bleeding. Ms. Liu was in critical condition by the time she was released. Although she survived, her face was badly scarred from the torture. Female guard Liu Ziwei did most of the torture at the labor camp.

She said in her letter of complaint against Liu Ziwei and other parties involved in the persecution, “Liu made me remove my shoes and started hitting my head and face hard with my shoes. Then she had me completely bend over and raise my arms up behind me so that my head was pointing straight down, and my arms and back were against a wall. I was made to stand still in this position, then they kicked me hard in my hip area.

My hands were tied behind my back and they pulled me into a storage room. They spread my arms and legs in an attempt to hang me between two windows. However, my arms were not long enough, so they handcuffed one of my hands to a window and the other hand to a heating pipe.

I told Liu that there were regulations posted on the wall that said any physical punishment, beating, cursing, and verbal insults against any inmate was prohibited. But Liu continued to beat and curse me. She said, "Who beat you? Do you have a witness? I will accuse you of attacking the prison guards!" She threatened to hang me up for 24 hours and deprive me of my right to use the bathroom and to sleep.”

(Ms Liu’s letter of complaint is available at http://www.clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2010/6/13/117818.html)

Case 3: Practitioner Mr. Chen Yanru of Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province

Clearwisdom net recently published a statement Mr. Chen Yanru wrote in April 2008, shortly before his death. Due to the harsh environment in China, it took practitioners tremendous efforts to eventually transfer his statement overseas, which details the various kinds of mistreatments imposed on him.

Following is a repeat of the details posted on the Clearwisdom net: When Mr. Chen was held at Chengbei Police Station, deputy police chief Zhang Yixin slapped him hard on the face, fracturing his left ear-drum. Soon he was transferred to Yuejiang Police Station, where the police handcuffed him behind his back in a raised position to a tall metal fence, with only his toes touching the ground. They placed a motorcycle helmet on his head and banged on it hard, using heavy objects. They also buckled his knees together with two belts and stomped on them, non-stop. The pain was so intense that he lost consciousness. The police then poured cold water on him. After he regained consciousness the police simply resumed the torture. They didn’t stop until the belts broke.

Chen Yanru warned them sternly, “You are ignoring the law and treating me with villainous means. I will sue you in the near future.” They responded with wild laughter, “Who’s going to testify for you? You have no witnesses, nor do you have any audio or video-tapes of the torture. How can you sue us?” Chen Yanru was later sentenced to prison where he was subjected to even more brutal tortures. The prison didn’t release him until he was on the verge of death. Despite his deteriorating health he struggled to write this statement to expose these police crimes.

(Chen Yanru’s full statement: “Final Words of Mr. Chen Yanru, a Practitioner from Jiangsu Province” http://www.clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2010/7/22/118760.html)

Concluding Remarks

The above examples demonstrate how many of the persecutors think there is no way Falun Gong practitioners can win lawsuits against them. Since they usually torture practitioners one at a time in secret, they believe practitioners have neither witnesses nor audio/video tapes as proof.

Many practitioners have died as a result of torture over the past 11 years of persecution, giving the persecutors the false illusion that they can forever escape justice for their crimes. But is that possible? No! All that has happened will eventually be known.

The three practitioners mentioned above have recorded the gross abuse and mistreatment they were subjected to under the persecution The identities of the persecutors and natures of their crimes have been made public on Minghui. Abused and mistreated practitioners should all write down their sufferings to expose the brutality against them. The Minghui website provides a wonderful venue for practitioners in China to expose the persecutors and their evil deeds. Minghui is the website that the regime and its followers fear most! If the perpetrators know that the world is aware of their evil deeds, I doubt if they will continue to act the same way.

In summary, when Falun Gong practitioners expose the crimes committed against them, they are suffocating the evil forces and awakening the world's people. Their personal accounts of torture and abuse will lead to their captors' being brought to justice. In other words, in effect, they are testifying for themselves.