(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Ma Chunli is from Jiamusi City. Her health was very poor in the past, and she was barely able to walk until she practiced Falun Dafa. After she began her practice, not only could she stand up, she gained employment to support her son and herself. She worked as a custodian at an apartment building, but her meagre income could only support two people. Her relatives and friends often helped her. She was illegally arrested on March 17, 2010, by officers from Jiadong Police Station and had to spend two years in a forced labor camp. Ms. Ma is completely paralyzed now and is not able to take care of herself.

Arrested and sent to labor camp

On March 17, 2010 around 10 a.m., three policemen from Jiamusi City Dongfeng Public Security Bureau Subdivision and officer Sun Lei from the Jiadong Police Station came to her home. Without any search warrant or independent witnesses, they ransacked her home and called in a large group of backup police. Ms. Ma began having symptoms of heart failure, and when she fell unconscious, they took her away. Without following any legal procedures, they took her to Jiamusi Detention Center. They did not notify her family.

Her son, who attends high school, could not find his mother after school that day, and the door was locked. He was scared to death.

Three weeks later, she was taken to a forced labor camp for two years and transferred to the Haerbin Detox Center. No legal procedures whatsoever were followed. She is paralyzed now and cannot take care of herself.

Her son is facing major persecution and not just from the school. His life is at stake, and he could be taken away at any moment.

Falun Gong practitioners who attempted to help also were sentenced to labor camp

Her fellow practitioners--Ms. Dong Yaqin, Ms. Zhao Guiying, and others--took her young son with them to appeal for her release. They were held against their will and brutally beaten. Ms. Dong Yaqin was sentenced to one year in a labor camp and is being held in the Haerbin Detox Center. The other practitioners--Ms. Zhao Guiying, Ms. Sun Libin, Ms. Lu Zhiying, and Ms. Zhang Shuying--were transferred to Jiamusi Detention Center.

Ms. Dong Yaqin's mother later went to the police station to try to find her daughter, but the director, Feng Kaidong, refused to answer any of her questions. Instead, he took her home with another policeman, and they searched it without a warrant. They took pictures of Zhuan Falunand other papers as "evidence" and went away.

After Ms. Dong was taken to the forced labor camp, her family went to Jiadong Police Station many times to request her release and demanded see the notification of verdict. Director Feng Kaidong gave all kinds of excuses to avoid accommodating them, since the judgment against her is not legal according Chinese law. The family tried to give legal documentation verifying their relationship to Ms. Dong so they could visit her at the labor camp, but he again refused to cooperate.

Practitioners Ms. Zhao Guiying and Ms. Sun Libin were also taken into custody

On the morning of June 22, 2010, practitioner Ms. Zhao Guiying accompanied Ma Chunli's son to the police station to ask that the police release his mother. Director Feng Kaidong told them to come back at 2 that afternoon. At 2 p.m. that day they came with practitioners Ms. Sun Libin and Ms. Lu Zhiying. They all waited outside for a long time before going in to see what the problem was. They never came out.

An hour later, it was revealed that all those that had come to the police station were being illegally detained. Another practitioner, Ms. Zhang Shuying, went in and the door was purposefully locked. The police beat Ms. Ma's son and other practitioners because they wouldn't cooperate with the officials.

That afternoon around 5 p.m., a police car parked at Ms. Sun Libin's apartment building. Jiamusi Dongfeng Public Security Bureau and Dongfeng Subdivision National Security Team director Geng Yue are mainly responsible for this. The list of confiscated Falun Gong informational materials and computers is unknown at present.

The great concern is that the four Falun Gong practitioners were taken to a women's hospital for a physical. This is commonly done as a prerequisite to determine one's suitability for live organ harvesting. They are now being held in Jiamusi Detention Center.

Agencies and individuals involved in these incidents of persecution:

Jiamusi City Public Security Bureau

Director Jiang Zhifang: 86-454-8298001(Office), 86-13846193333(Cell)

Dongfeng Subdivision National Security Bureau

Director Geng Yue: 86-454-8388110(Office), 86-454-8244670(Home), 86-13845453691(Cell)

Jiadong Police Station

Director Feng Kaidong: 86-454-8347068(Office), 86-13836669777( Cell)