(Clearwisdom.net) I began practicing Falun Dafa in Guiyang City in 1993. Master's profound principles in the first class bowled me over and inspired me to attend all three classes in Guiyang. Soon after, Fa study and the exercises cured me of numerous illnesses, including symptoms of a concussion, gastroptosis, nephritis and insomnia. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Master.

The former volunteer assistant at the Guizhou Falun Dafa practice site learned in May 1994 that Master would be presenting a class in Chengdu. We all wanted to attend. Master was then teaching a class in Chongqing. The volunteer assistant and I took a train to Chongqing and found the place where Master was giving lectures. He was happy to see us and took us to a restaurant after the class. From there we went to the hotel where Master was staying and reported to Him the situation in Guizhou - how practitioners were studying Dafa, doing the exercises and introducing Dafa to others. We also mentioned that we wanted to go to Chengdu ahead of the class to help set things up. Master invited us to stay in Chongqing for a few more days, but we thanked him, and went to Chengdu the very next day to do some promotion for the class.

Since at that time, not many people knew about Dafa, we wanted to find someone at the qigong association to help us in Chengdu. We didn't know the local area very well and encountered some interference. We did not find the qigong association after a day on the bus. We circled around the same area and were exhausted. We finally found an official surnamed Wang at the qigong association and explained our cause. He was unfriendly. We realized we could not depend on the qiqong association people to introduce Dafa to the public.

A group of practitioners from Guiyang went to Wenshuyuan and other parks in Chengdu at 6 a.m. every morning, put up banners with the Falun symbol on it, and did the exercises. They persevered for a long time in order to introduce more people to the Fa. Many stopped by and watched. Some practitioners did the exercises while others answered questions. The locals did not know about Falun Gong or the class that was about to be held. The practitioners told them about how precious Dafa is, and when and where the class was going to be offered.

Master came to Chengdu immediately after the Chongqing class without taking a break. He ate a bowl of noodles or two steamed buns daily. Master was a great role model and always arrived before the workers did and waited for them to open the door. He was never late. New students arrived every day of the class. At first they brought flowers and bottles of water and put them in front of the podium, because they were told to do this in other qigong classes. Initially they sat in the back and over time moved up front. Practitioners from Guiyang tried to stop them because they did not want any distraction for Master, but Master allowed them to move to front row seats.

Not many people knew about Dafa at first and did not register for the class. They simply came out of curiosity. Following the first class session many registered for the class. Listening to the lectures, they understood that Master was teaching the Fa to save sentient beings. People did not stop coming to the class throughout the nine-day session. Veteran practitioners brought Dafa books with them. Only a few new practitioners asked for books, so the veteran practitioners planned to take the books back with them. But as more and more people came to the class and asked for books, we ran out. In the end many people were left without books. They asked where the next class was going to be and went to Zhenzhou City to attend. The class in Chengdu gave me a deeper understanding of the article,

"Those who really have a predestined relationship and can enlighten will come one after another, entering the Dao and obtaining the Fa." ("Enlightenment;" Essentials for Further Advancement)

At the conclusion of the Chengdu class, Master gathered the volunteer assistants and practitioners from Dalian, Beijing, Wuhan, and Guizhou. We took a trip to Qingcheng Mountain, Emei Mountain, and Le Mountain. The first stop was Qingcheng Mountain. Master held a map and waved it as he walked. We assumed Master was eliminating the evil. He took care of us like a father, and we took pictures with him. When we took a break on our way down He posed for a photo with each of us. I have kept these pictures.

The scenery atop Emei Mountain was breathtaking. We felt as if we were walking on clouds. Master stood and looked, and told us to look. Practitioners with their third eye open saw Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, gods, dragons, and many other things.

The last stop was Le Mountain. We took a boat and cruised around the large Buddha statue. Then we walked around the statue from the base to the top. Master paid all of our expenses including food, accommodation and others, and did not let us pay a single penny.

We bid Master goodbye. Local practitioners prepared to return to Guiyang the day after our return from the Chengdu trip. We did not see Master right before we left, but suddenly we saw Him as we caught the next bus.

Everything that happened when I was with Master feels as vivid now as if it happened yesterday. These memories will forever remain embedded in my memory. Master has given me more than I can ever repay!