(Clearwisdom.net) Out of nowhere, at age thirty, I was stricken with many illnesses that caused me lots of grief. I had Meniere's syndrome, for instance, which made me dizzy all day long. My eyes were swollen and hard to open, which left my vision dulled. When the symptoms were at their worst, I would pass out when I walked. As for my throat, infection made eating or drinking painful as I would choke if I tried to swallow more than tiny portions. On the other hand, I needed to drink all day long, and keep my throat moist to get some measure of relief.

As for other illnesses, I would contract the flu quite easily and had it all the time. With the flu's onset, I would cough and cough while the flu grew worse and worse. I also had a heart problem which limited my physical activity. I had to stop to catch my breath several times when climbing stairs. Meanwhile, a frozen shoulder further burdened my mobility, leaving me unable to stand up from a sitting position, or get out of bed without help. In addition, I was operated on twice for breast cancer and had a herniated disk in my back.

If that was not enough, my temper was bad, too. I cried a lot and only felt better after a big crying session. My husband had to work, take care of two children, and take care of me at the same time. He was under lots of pressure, and so was I. But thinking of the children, I struggled to live on. I thought that all I needed was to live until my daughter would be five. When she was five, I thought of living on until she would be ten. I visited all kinds of doctors: western doctors, herb medicine doctors, acupuncture, etc. I did exercises, practiced qigong, but nothing helped. I struggled to live and tried hard to find any hope for life.

Fortunate to attend a Falun Dafa class

On the Chinese New Year of 1994 I went to my sister's house where I had not been for ten years. I saw on the wall pictures of Mr. Li Hongzhi and the law wheel, and the book Zhuan Falun. On May 1, I went to her home again, and picked up Zhuan Falun to read. I was fascinated by the principles in the book. I wanted to borrow it, but my sister did not let me. I called her after going home and asked her to get one for me.

In June, I met a colleague who had been in poor health before but looked pretty well when I met him. I asked him what happened and was told that he practiced Falun Gong. I was excited and asked if he would explain. He told me the location of a nearby practice site and I went there the next morning.

On June 19, a practitioner who attended Teacher's Fa lecture in Zhengzhou City came and described Teacher's situation, and said that Teacher would come to Jinan City to give another lecture. I was excited and asked a fellow practitioner to buy a ticket for me.

  June 1994, Mr. Li Hongzhi lectured and taught exercises of Falun Gong in the Jinan Second Falun Gong Class. The whole stadium was filled with 4000 people

The first day in the conference room, I was especially excited and kept shedding tears, but I began to sleep when Teacher began to lecture. I felt bad, and pinched myself, bit my tongue and lips, and pulled my ears. But nothing helped. I woke up when Teacher finished his talk. I thought that I had spent money and come a long way to sleep. What should I do? I slept all day the next day in order not to fall asleep again. But again I was unable to control myself and fell asleep that evening in the class. Later I learned that it was Teacher who caused me to sleep so that my brain could be fixed. The last night, practitioners shook hands with Teacher to say farewell with tears in their eyes. I waited to be last, and felt the warmth flowing through my body when I shook Teacher's hand. I felt I was the luckiest person on earth.

I became healthy one month into my cultivation

One month after I began to cultivate in Falun Dafa, all my illnesses went away and I was healthy again. My office was on the eighth floor and I could run to my office from downstairs. From then on I never saw a doctor or took a pill again and totally enjoyed my good health. My family became happy as well.

I strictly required myself to follow the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and no longer was I concerned about personal gain. My company took measures to reduce costs by laying off people. Half of the people in the unit needed to go. My manager told me that they wanted to keep me, and asked me to also find friends to help me by talking to higher authorities. I told the manager it was no problem to lay me off, so that younger people could stay.

Even so, I had three houses. My old company gave me one, my husband's company gave us one, and my then current company gave me one. Many colleagues wanted to rent the house from me. But I felt that I needed to follow Teacher's teaching, and adhere to Dafa's requirements. I needed to think for others all the time to be a selfless and unselfish person. I returned the two houses back to the companies without hesitation.

Family members all support me to cultivate in Falun Dafa

I am 63 and in good health. I take care of all the household chores. I walk briskly, and am always happy. Falun Dafa has turned me from a sick and selfish person into a healthy and righteous person. It turned my broken family into a happy one. Our whole family is grateful to Teacher. In a few words "Falun Dafa is good."

It has been eleven years since July 20, 1999. No matter how difficult the circumstances, I never gave up cultivation for a single day. All my family members have supported me. Even though I was constantly harassed, abducted, arrested, and detained by agents of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) and had my house ransacked, my family members fought with the evil people and protected me. No one has said anything disrespectful about Teacher, because they have witnessed the benefits and wonders of Dafa in my life. How could they not support me?

I hope people will not listen to the propaganda of the CCP and be deceived by their lies. Quit the CCP, come and learn the facts about Dafa and enjoy a good future.