(Clearwisdom.net) When Zhang Xijun was appointed head of the Nancha District Public Security Bureau in Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province, in 2009, numerous incidents of persecution occurred in the Nancha District.

Zhang Guilan and Zhao Guiying tortured

Police officer Zhang Bin ordered officers Fan Qingbin and Zhao Yuanxin to follow Ms. Zhang Guilan, a practitioner, when Zhang Bin recognized her at the Nancha Train Station Square on the afternoon of April 5, 2010. She was subsequently arrested, along with Ms. Zhao Guiying, a fellow practitioner. The two practitioners kept telling the police about the wonders of Falun Gong and the grave injustice of the persecution, yet the police did not seem to care and secretly recorded their words to use as evidence against them. Wang Yuhui, head of the local 610 Office searched Ms. Zhang's bag and found an electronic book containing Dafa materials. He said, "I can sentence you to three years in prison just because of this." Twenty-four hours later Li Xuemin, deputy head of the Nancha District Public Security Bureau, and officers Du Xingxue and Wang Yuhui took the practitioners to the Nancha Detention Center.

Jiang Yumin, head of the detention center, and Ai Xindong, deputy head of the detention center, beat Ms. Zhang for doing the Falun Gong exercises and for refusing to wear the detention center uniform. Jiang Yumin grabbed her hair and spun her around on the floor, until clumps of her hair came out. Ai Xindong beat her about the head, making her lose consciousness, and kicked her repeatedly.

Ms. Zhang and Ms. Zhao went on a hunger strike to protest their persecution and demanded to be released immediately. Ma Qingji, the deputy head of the Nancha District Public Security Bureau, who is responsible for the detention center, ignored their request and said, "If you don't stop your hunger strike, we will force-feed you," and sent them to the Nancha Forest Bureau Employee Hospital in the afternoon of April 12, 2010. Ma Qingji said, "Stab her with the feeding tube." A feeding tube was then forcefully inserted through Ms. Zhang's nose and into her stomach. It was only withdrawn when she nearly suffocated. Her nose was bleeding, and she coughed up blood. They tied her to a bed and held her mouth closed while they were force feeding her. Jiang Yumin repeatedly kicked her and doctor Yu slapped her across the face twice.

Ms. Sun Li arrested and her family detained

Qiao Hongtao, head of the Nancha District Domestic Security Department, led several plainclothes officers to arrest three practitioners, including Ms. Sun Li, from Jiamusi City, on the morning of December 20, 2009. The practitioners were taken from the hotel, where they were staying, to the Domestic Security Department.

When Ms. Sun was arrested, officer Zhao Yuanxin knelt on her chest, almost suffocating her, and threatened her by saying, "You'll see how I'll take care of you!" As he kept his knee pushing down on her chest, she went into convulsions and was almost vomiting. Ms. Sun was interrogated by Wang Yuhui and Li Xuemi, as Qiao Hongtao kept threatening her. Wang Yuhui told Ms. Sun that she could go home if she gave her name and her family paid a certain amount of money to them.

Ms. Sun was not allowed to sleep and they took turns interrogating her. Zhao Yuanxin handcuffed Ms. Sun's hands behind her back and forced her to sit on the icy-cold concrete floor. The temperature was -30 oC outside and the heating inside did not supply much heat. The handcuffs cut into her wrists, making her hands become swollen, and she lost feeling in her right thumb. Ms. Sun was left handcuffed and sitting on the floor overnight, and by noon the next day she was exhausted and tried to sit on a couch. Zhao Yuanxin immediately pulled her off the couch and threw her to the ground.

When five members of Ms. Sun's family went looking for her, police officers refused to explain why she had been arrested and began to videotape them. At the same time, they asked the heads of various police stations in Yichun City, and about 30 police officers came to arrest the family members. Each of the family were taken to different police stations to be interrogated, and the police confiscated all their money and personal belongings. Among the detained were: Ms. Sun Li's brother and his wife, her pregnant sister-in-law, and brother-in-law who fractured his foot. Ms. Sun's husband, who had difficulty walking, was also detained for ten days. Ms. Sun's father, in his 60s, had to travel between Jiamusi City and Nancha district every day to try to visit his detained family members.

Large scale arrests

Under direct orders from the Nancha District 610 Office and directed by Zhang Xijun, Li Xuemin, officials from the Domestic Security Department and various other police stations started to arrest more practitioners during October 26 and 27, 2009. Twelve practitioners were arrested, and they are: Man Xiaomin, Zhao Shuge, Zhang Yaxian, He Miao, Zhang Haiyan, Zhang Yulan, Zhang Xiujuan, Li Fenglan, An Yongchen, Wang Xiang, Wang Baotai and Hou Zhijun. After eight months in detention, seven of them, including Man Xiaomin and Li Fenglan, are to appear in court.

Up to seven officers from the Domestic Security Department, the 610 Office and the Jianguo Police Station went to Ms. Zhang Yulan's home at 5:00 a.m. on October 27, 2009, to arrest her. When she refused to cooperate, the police officers brutally beat her. One of them grabbed her hair and shoved her into the police car. They then ransacked her home.

Ms. Zhang Yulan is an English teacher at the Nancha Railroad Middle School. When she was arrested, students from her class went to the principal's office and requested her to be allowed to return. She has been detained in a labor camp for one year and is now imprisoned at the Harbin Drug Rehab Center.

Two agents from the 610 Office and two officers from Dongsheng Police Station went to Ms. Zhao Shuge's home on the evening of November 2, 2009. They kept kicking the front door and shouting outside the house for 20 minutes. The family did not want the neighbors to be disturbed, so they opened the door. Police then arrested Ms. Zhao and her daughter. They also ransacked their home. Her daughter, Ms. Zhao Haiyan, was sentenced to one year of forced labor and is now at the Harbin Drug Rehab Center. Ms. Zhao Shuge is being held at a detention center, possibly awaiting trial.

Mr. Wang Baotai was arrested by officers from the Dongsheng Police Station on November 4, 2009. When the police couldn't get him to open the door, they called a neighbor and forced them to knock on the door. When Wang Baotai opened the door, the officers burst in, ransacked his home, and arrested him. When his wife, who is mentally ill, witnessed the brutal behavior of the police, her condition became worse.

Ms. Zhang Xiujuan, from Shashan Village, Nanyue, was arrested and held at a detention center for 15 days. Agents from the 610 Office, Wang Yuhui and others then extorted 5,000 yuan from her.

Contact details of those responsible for the persecution:

Chi Yulong, head of the court: 86-458-3476258
Ren Fengzhong, head of the Procuratorate: 86-458-3476787
Zhang Xijun, head of the Nancha District Public Security Bureau: 86-13704855677 (cell) Li Xuemin, deputy head of the Nancha District Public Security Bureau: 86-13704855566 (cell)
Wang Yuhui, head of the local 610 Office: 86-458-3476383 ext 2220
Han Fujun, head of the Domestic Security Division: 86-458-3476383 ext. 2221
Qiao Hongtao, head of the Domestic Security Department
Jiang Yumin, head of Nancha Detention Center: 86-458-3476383 ext 2388, 86-13845854417 (cell)
Wei Yi, political instructor: 86-13614580642 (cell)